All I want for Christmas is… Ionic

You can’t go wrong with the new Fitbit Ionic thanks to its beautiful durable design, crisp graphics and comfortable fit. Combining aspects we love from the Alta and the Charge 2 to create a strap that not only holds strong, but also provides the utmost comfort to ensure you can keep this bad boy on for days at a time (with up to five days’ charge-life!)


The Ionic has been designed by Fitbit  with their customers in mind with apps we all love such as the heart rate monitor, sleep stats, timers and alarms. Then, they’ve taken it to a whole new level of user experience. Think customisable clock faces, music with the ability to store up to 300 songs which, when combined with the new wireless headphones, makes for an unbeatable gym experience. Last but not least, there’s the wallet. The wallet is a new app for the Ionic that enables you to use Paywave with your Fitbit, letting you leave your phone and wallet at home! Literally enabling you to step out of the house with just your Fitbit when you go to train, and allowing you to grab that coffee you truly deserve after that intense work out. Also included is built-in GPS to see your pace, distance and other key stats, and with personal coaching you’ll feel even more motivated to reach your goals.


In the three weeks that I have had my Fitbit Ionic it has encouraged me to get up and be more active — especially since my job requires long hours sitting at a desk. It notifies me when I need to move and get my 250 steps each hour — much to the happiness of my dog who joins me on these quick fitness bursts. It has helped me keep a check on my sleep patterns and even allows me to see the benchmark for women around my age, so I can ensure it’s nothing completely out the ordinary. With the beautifully designed Relax app I have been able to take a time-out when needed in my stress-filled day-to-day life.


I haven’t even got to my favourite part — water resistance! You can literally keep your Fitbit on constantly, including through showers! With built in notifications for most apps, including emails, it is amazing to be able to stay connected even when shampooing! Imagine you’re down at the beach, surfing, having the best stoke of your life, but you know you have work in three hours. So, you’re constantly stopping and rushing up the beach to check your cell phone, or you’re yelling at the people bobbing in the line-up: “Anyone have the time?!”


Forget that! Instead, imagine catching waves until your Fitbit buzzes with the alarm, or a notification from your frantic boss that the meeting has changed time. Don’t let anything get in the way of your stoke, get a Fitbit Ionic. With three different colour combinations available, you won’t need another Christmas gift!


For more information on the Fitbit Ionic see: fitbit.com/ionic

Words: Nicole Hewison