Ways to hydrate

Complicated regimes and stringent diets have all been known to fail. Our body is like memory foam and this can often lead people to disappointment and frustration. Healthy diet, exercise and everything in moderation is the best way.


Once we deprive ourselves, the increase to want something drives us to extreme, if we starve ourselves our body will store fat and come back with vengeance later, and this can all lead to serious illness and complications.


It is mostly common sense, looking after ourselves and keeping a healthy balance. It can prove difficult for many, our lifestyle and work habits can limit us, along with raising a family and the many pressures that do not always allow us the time to exercise. Stress and fatigue, play a big role in our wellbeing and with so much else to juggle, it can be easier said than done. One important element in all of this is water.  Simple, available and the benefits are huge.


Our body is approximately 60% water. Drinking enough water maintains our balance and helps to transport nutrients within the body, and also aides digestion, calorie control and of course, body temperate. Other benefits include reducing the burden on our kidneys and liver by helping to flush out waste products, and may also lower the incidence of bladder and colon cancer by preventing the build-up of carcinogens. 


Water is also hugely beneficial for your skin, muscles and joints, by aiding moisture to your skin and helping to reduce problematic skin issues and supplying oxygen to the muscles and lubrication to the joints thereby making both stronger.


When we consider that our muscles consist of approximately 75% water, the brain 90%, bones 22% and blood 83%, it seems like the best possible thing we can do is to provide the necessary and vital amount of water we require daily to also protect our vital organs, help to absorb nutrients better and for our general well-being.


If you are doing strenuous exercise or your body is over-heated, you will need more. Always be mindful of carrying water with you. Do not go to an extreme, as too much water can be dangerous, again use your common sense and feed your body sensibly.


We have no excuse not be able to look after our body, health and mind with H2O!

Words: Donna Malneek