Welcome to the final of Rudy’s Tips ‘n Tricks

This will be my final column of computer related content.


I have had the pleasure of writing this for more than 11 years, and yes it has been a pleasure for me. I hope I have helped you all at some point along the way.


But fear not! Firstly, I will still be available for computer repair, sales and service. If you have questions about anything just search Rudy’s on Google if you have misplaced my number.


Secondly, I am joining an experienced team of property managers setting up a boutique service for landlords who want a knowledgeable and fast acting service to care for their properties. Part of this new direction for me may be writing a column on every New Zealanders favourite topic: houses and property market trends.


This is not a swansong for Rudy’s PCs. I will still be available to my lovely long-term customers and friends, but after more than 20 years of providing assistance to computer users young and old, I need a new challenge.


I would like to thank the wonderful team at Verve, especially Fran and Jude for putting up with my efforts and late last minute submissions.


Hopefully they will accept some content from me in my new venture.


Special thanks to all of you who have responded to my scribbles. Your feedback and custom has always been well appreciated.


Au revoir, mes amis.




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