Well, well, well, if isn’t the consequences of my own actions.

It starts innocently enough by looking in the mirror and ends with a sinking feeling. That split second where you decide you need your hair done right now is usually followed by a call to your hairdresser only to find out they are booked solid for the next week.


Having convinced yourself that if you step outside the neighbours will don their pitch forks and light the torches you panic and start ringing random salons in the vicinity. Finally settling on somewhere that has plenty of appointments available, and soon the reason why becomes obvious.


Now imagine if this wasn’t your hair, imagine if this was your face. Where bad bangs will eventually grow out and a hat can make a real fashion statement a balaclava is not as widely accepted in polite company.


If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry, but unfortunately that’s how some patients present to our clinic. With only a small amount of treatments being reversible it is often a case of waiting for the effects to wear off over time. But a few simple steps can help avoid the floods of tears and feelings of regret and frustration over a moment of madness.


Firstly, a cosmetic procedure is not something anyone should rush into. All procedures carry an element of risk and it’s important to understand what these risks are and exactly how your practitioner intends to minimise and manage these.


Swelling and bruising are the two most common side effects of most procedures. This can last from 12 hours to five days depending on the person and the product. If you’ve had dermal fillers you may experience some small superficial lumps which may require a return visit so these can be gently massaged and moulded away.


More serious side effects can occur with dermal fillers like an injection into an artery where your practitioner will need to dissolve the filler out of the area to prevent any tissue breakdown. This is why it is essential to choose a practitioner who has a risk management plan in place, is experienced and has ‘dissolving’ products called hyaluronidase on the premises.


Secondly, make sure you understand all your options. Find out what the procedure involves and how long the effects are expected to last. Ask what alternative procedures are available to address your areas of concern. Here at Clinic42 we have a large array of treatments on offer to cater to a wide range of patients.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. At Clinic42 we are always happy to answer all your concerns, this helps us ensure you are fully informed and, to better understand your expectations. Equally don’t be offended if your practitioner recommends against a treatment you may have seen on a celebrity which they feel doesn’t suit your needs. We all remember the Rachel from Friends hair debacle of the ’90s; what looked great on Jennifer Anniston did not necessarily look good on everyone! Our goal is to minimise your concerns and maximise your best features because no two faces are the same and every face is beautiful.


Thirdly, a good before and after picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure you ask to see some, another indication that you’re are in safe hands is to look for the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine logo. The NZSCM diploma means accredited members are extremely well trained and adhere to strict safety standards and guidelines.


We hope these simple steps will help you to make a safe and informed decision before embarking on any cosmetic treatments.


Please call Clinic42 to arrange a 30-minute complimentary nurse consult if you would like to find out more about the wide range of treatments available. Alternatively, call and book with one of our four cosmetic physicians, who will be happy to discuss your concerns, and the best treatment approach for you.


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