Wellington Fashion Week

Wellington Fashion Week Sets New Trend

With Wellington Fashion Week entering it’s fourth consecutive year, expect excitement to be brewing like flying stilettos as consumers get placed at the centre of the runway.

Since the inaugural event in 2012, Wellington Fashion Week has profiled boutique trade shows and consumer events as part of its week long celebration. However, Wellington Fashion Week Managing Director Cameron Sneddon felt the need to explore other avenues in order to maximise outcomes and keep up with the demands of the fashion industry.

In 2015, Wellington Fashion Week will be 100 per cent consumer focussed by taking all the latest and current seasonal trends straight from the shop floor to the runway, allowing those in attendance to shop for their winter wardrobes. This comes in place of trade shows, which will no longer be part of the week’s schedule.

“Wellington Fashion Week has been constantly moving in the direction of the event over the last three years. We are excited to finally feel that we have nestled into an event structure that we believe suits the event and city, as well as perfectly meeting the demands of the industry,” says Sneddon.

“We are proud to be making the move to now exclusively support and promote current retail and collections in New Zealand. This allows us to give the designers and retailers the chance to promote their products directly to their customers.”

Wellington Fashion Week



Wellington Fashion Week has also attracted international interest with fashion lawyer and founder of San Francisco based law firm Law on the Runway, Rachel Fischbein, also attending the capital city’s week long celebration of fashion.

“Wellington has a global reputation of being a collaborative and innovative community. With technology to aid them, Wellington fashion designers are now inspiring traditional fashion cities,” says Fischbein.

She goes on to add, “I’m thrilled to join Wellington Fashion Week this year. The small city is of global importance, as they inspire community building, preservation of natural resources and invent high-tech solutions to industry problems.”

“We are on the edge of a new fashion era, with leadership from Wellington,” says Rachel Fischbein.

Wellington Fashion Week will run from April 8 – 12 at Shed 6 on Wellington’s Waterfront. media@wellingtonfashionweek.co.nz