What’s Happening with Gemma Ross and Hustle & Bustle

Verve catches up with Gemma Ross of PR firm, Hustle and Bustle to find out what’s being going down during lockdown.


What’s changed about your business?

It’s business as usual for our team who are all working from home. We are investing a lot of time talking with clients, industry and experts about what the next 12-18 months will look like. And we are working on ideas, products and services that will help our clients remain relevant in the new normal.



Do you see yourself coming out of this with a better idea of changes you wish to make in your business?

Absolutely. We know our ways of working will change long-term and want to create a community. As soon as we are out of lockdown we will turn our office into a co-working hub for our team and likeminded collaborators to use for meetings and workshopping, along with working from home, which has turned out to be really productive. We are also going to open our office on weekends to small retailers (and clients) who may have been impacted by Covid-19 and lost a store front, to curate a boutique market: think flowers, coffee, fashion, jewellery, and homewares.


How are you handling all the extra time at home?

To be honest, I haven’t had much time to relax. I’m working long hours each day and checking in virtually with family and friends most nights. I did have a long list of things to do around the house but peaked a bit early and ticked everything off in the first weekend! I am however determined to finish a couple of books by the time lockdown finishes!


Soundtrack of choice whilst working at home?

I’ll either have Radio New Zealand or Monocle Radio playing in the background whilst working.

What’s for breakfast?

It’s typically eggs, one of three ways: scrambled with some parsley, salt and pepper; soft boiled with soldiers; or a poached egg and avo on gluten free toast. Washed down with a pot of Studio Red Wellness Kiwi Breakfast with Kawakawa tea.


Where do you like to get your news from?

Radio New Zealand, New York Times and the Financial Times. I am also tuning into the government’s press conference at 1pm each day to get real time updates.


Walk the dog or downward dog?

Both! I start my day doing the amazing Taane Mete’s Instagram live yoga sessions and will go for a walk or run around the block at lunchtime or end of the day.


Working at home, what’s for lunch?

Usually whip up the night before leftovers into some kind of salad.


Lockdown larder essentials you can’t do without?

Fresh eggs, herbs and spices, spuds, coconut cream for homemade curries, tinned chickpeas and tomatoes, fresh greens, wine and gin!


A glass of something – most memorable / old favourite / keeps you sane?

We’ve enjoyed some delicious French reds that were worth dusting off!



Dinner venue you can’t wait to get back to, post-lockdown?

Too many to name but a few I’ll be booking immediately – Ponsonby Road Bistro, Bar Celeste, The Oyster Inn, Paris Butter and Soul Bar & Bistro.


Evening beauty or betterment routine?

Hot shower to wash away the day, cleanse and Osmosis hydrating mask.


Your look for working at home, what do you like to wear to get into the mood?

Denim, shirt, jewellery and a bright lippy picks me up, but some days the activewear just works!



Least favourite thing about working from home?

Not seeing my team and clients in person!