Why We Love Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch eBike Systems benefit from the Bosch Group’s technology and production expertise in the areas of electric motors, sensor technology displays and lithium-ion batteries. It was a natural extension of the Bosch capabilities to begin developing eBike Systems that include the drive unit (motor and gearbox), batteries and on-board computer. Bosch started developing eBike systems in 2012.


Currently, we work with 17 bike brands in New Zealand, so between their proprietary fits (i.e. they design the frames specifically to house the Bosch drive unit and battery), and these three different drive units, we can offer a product to suit every rider and every bike on the market.


Key Benefits of Bosche Bike Systems:
  • The pedal-assist of eBikes flattens hills and helps you cover greater distances so you arrive at work feeling fresh
  • Bosch eBike Systems make cycling more accessible, more relaxing and more fun for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Riding (an eBike) is a fun, healthy and better way to explore / get to work
  • Arrive in style and without the sweat-factor on a bike epowered by the Bosch eBike System
  • Forget the stinky bus or packed train/ tram, get to work on two wheels – it’s the cheaper, fun and environmentally friendly way to get around.


A few more specifics on the product:
  • The Bosch eBike System helps you pedal up hills without the effort and provides pedal assistance up to 25km/h
  • Bosch eBike System’s battery power pack can help you go the distance on one charge, up to 80km in Turbo mode or up to 215km in Eco mode


Some other notes:
  • Bosch do not make the bikes, they make the eBike system (innovative drive unit, battery pack and on-board computer).


Learn more about Bosch eBike Systems and the benefits of eBikes at bosch-ebikes.nz