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Win a day of pampering!

Verve is giving away a DAY OF PAMPERING! Enter this amazing competition and you will have the chance to win our
‘Vervacious’ makeover package! So, here’s your chance to gift yourself a few hours of total indulgence.

Our makeover package includes:
• A life changing outfit by Stretton
• A stunning pair of shoes from Mischief
• An OSMOSIS facial by Finesse Face and Body Clinic
• Colour, cut and blow-wave by Dana Andrews Hair Design
• Teeth whitened by Lovelysmiles
• Extreme relaxation at Float Culture

Entering is easy: Just let us know in the comments below who out of your friends deserves to be pampered for a day.

Terms & conditions: One entry per person. Auckland residents only please. Entries close on 20 July and prize will be drawn 22 July 2019.

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to our winner Janine Roxburgh

  1. My lovely friend Lou deserves an amazing pamper session, its her birthday soon, meanwhile she helps look after everyone even when she hasnt got the energy. meanwhile I would love this- omg

    1. My friend and I deserve to be pampered on our birthday which is July 10th, She will be 52 and I will be 62.

    2. My dear friend Tracy. As a working mum with not much money she has never treated herself with any pampering apart from going to the hair dresser and even then she goes to a training salon to save money. I would love to giver her this opportunity to be treated to this wonderful experience. She has always been an amazingly supportive friend to me so I’d like to say thank you to her and this would be the ultimate!

    1. My Daughter Bianca, she’s currently training and studying for a new work role as flight crew, which is super intense because it’s been crammed into 3 weeks instead of the usual four. She is working really hard and barely has time for a break. We also have never had much Mother Daughter fun times together, as I’ve been a struggling single parent. She would Love this surprise! Thank You Verve, for this wonderful opportunity to win!

      1. I would be absolutely delighted to win this fabulous giveaway and share it with my darling lovely beautiful sister Marta because she is the greatest sister in the world and my best friend plus a hard working fantastic Mum ☺

  2. I would probably take my mum. She hasn’t had a nice day like this in a long time, and really deserves one.

  3. I would love to take my amazing mum who has been busy the last few months providing palliative care for an elderly family friend. This could be my way of showing her my gratitude for all she does for me and others

  4. what a prize!!! I would love to take my forever friends that are my sisters, Sarah and Sophie to catch up, laugh and walk out feeling fab!

  5. I would take my beautiful best friend who has recently had major (5 hour) liver surgery. She is thankfully on the mend but is need of some ‘girl’ time. I know she would absolutely love a day of pampering!

    1. Mum 😃 (Dawn MacLean) for coming to my rescue with $3000 after being scammed buying a car through Facebook marketplace. Unfortunately the woman I was purchasing it off had her FB identity stolen by a hacker. Long story short, I paid the wrong person.

  6. My sister as she seems to have one health drama after another lately , she could do with some pampering and relaxation

  7. My best friend. 2 kids and pregnant with her 3rd. She works so hard and doesn’t have her mum here anymore to help – was actually the anniversary of her passing on the 2nd of July 💔 she deserves a break and some pampering she never treats herself

  8. My daughter Justine, who is recovering from the break-up of a 19 year relationship deserves all the pampering she can get So do I as its been a difficult time helping her pick herself up from the shock.

  9. My colleague Anne definitely! She is the mum of 3, full-time worker and she sharing her yummy cakes, biscuits and other delicious creations she bakes every single night! A star!

  10. My friend Margaret who is ageless deserves this as over the last 5 years has been unfairly made redundant twice and ended up being embroiled in not so nice litigation. This has taken its toll i.e. depression weight gain etc.

  11. My best friend Liv. I cannot think of a single person who deserves this more. She is the most caring, empathetic and giving person, constantly looking out for other people. I would love to be able to give something back.

  12. I would love for my mum to enjoy this pamper day! Shes a role model to me, a hard worker and a kind soul

  13. My best friend Lucy! This year has been tough for her at uni as a med student and I would love the opportunity to give her a pampering break! x

  14. My friend Gina, has been there for me over 40 years. At the moment she has the stress of major home renovations going on and I would love to see her pampered for a day!

  15. My friend Brigette, mum of four beautiful kids, working and soon to have her husband commuting to Asia for several months! She always has a smile and friendly word for everyone.

  16. Stephanie my best friend of forty plus years. She’s always helping everybody else, so she deserves a treat!

  17. My lovely friend Meri McKay. We have recently retired and are in dire need of pampering. We would just love this. All the products and services sound wonderful.

  18. My dear friend Fiona who lost her husband (also good friend of my husband and I) a few months ago. Would love her to have a day to indulge, be pampered and cared for to take her mind of the devastation.

  19. My friend Fiona who lost her husband (and our friend) a few months ago. Would love her to have a day of pampering to take her mind off the devastation.

  20. My friend Nadine has been through the ringer lately with job hunting and was so supportive to me when I was going through that too earlier this year. Now we are both getting back on track, perfect for a pampering treat 🙂

  21. My sister-in-law really deserves this – she recently had her second baby, and is busy at home looking after two children. I would love to be able to give her a break, I could babysit her kids and send her on this!

  22. My sister Aggie definitely deserves to be pampered as she is hardworking and looks after her family even though she has a medical condition. Always puts others before herself and is always giving.

  23. The prize will be drawn on my birthday 22nd July and to celebrate my day, I’ll grab my bestie in live and life for a day of pampering. Fingers crossed Paul Lemmens!

  24. My mum (and best friend!) deserves a good ol’ pamper session. She does so much for others and never treats herself so I’d love to gift this to her.

  25. My friend Barb who has been going through a very difficult time with her daughter who has health problems that haven’t been solved by surgeries and is currently very ill in hospital. Barb is very giving. She does meals on wheels and volunteers to drive cancer patients to their appointments!

  26. I would love to take my gorgeous bookclub pal who has recently had a tumour removed from her bowel and starting chemo soon….with 3 kids and having lost her dad last year and mum to dementia….she could do with a boost!

  27. My really amazing friend Jennifer R who is really intrepid and brave having survived illness, a different sort of husband whom she supported so he received professional artistic recognition, deserves to be pampered. She is a primary to intermediate teacher who will do anything for her students. She is also a traveller who has always gone somewhere different to learn new things. And she is a really kind and generous soul.

  28. My youngest daughter “Klaudia’ deserves this day of pampering… She is always going out of her busy life to pamper and make sure her family and friends are OK… She works full time and has recently completed a course evenings and weekends with little time for herself.. This special WIN would be a treat she sooo deserves! 🙏

  29. My friend Jackie, who works nonstop in the community serving others, for practically nothing so can’t afford any of these lovely treats. Would LOVE to spoil her for a bit as even though she doesn’t have much,she is a very generous lovely soul.

  30. I think my cousin’s daughter deserves this, she’s been through so much with so many operations endured, the stress is unbelievable and yet she always concerned for everyone else. She loves fashion. This would be an amazing much needed tonic for them both.

  31. I would take my bestie, Toni Klyn, who is a full time working mother of three who always has so much time for others and never enough time for herself

  32. My mum deserves some special treatment, I’d like to thank her for putting up with me all these years and sharing her words of wisdom, so I’ll really appreciate a day of pampering that’s is just for her.

  33. I would like to put forward two of my friends that are deserving of this and would never otherwise treat themselves to such luxury.

  34. My girlfriend Martine deserves to be pampered because she works long hours as a beautician looking after everyone else and has no time left to look after and pamper herself.

  35. My wonderful hardworking daughter Sammie definitely deserves this treat. She has two full-time jobs, plus starting up a new business venture while rehearsing for a great musical theatre production, all at the age of 20, she blows me away with her drive and commitment and I love her with all my heart and probably don’t tell her that as much as I should!

  36. I would choose my friend Ruth because she looks after others before ever thinking of herself. It would never occur to her to spoil herself to something like this.

  37. One of my very good friends who lives in Parnell, she has had a very sick small child (mum of three) since the middle of last year and thankfully coming through the other side however still very tough. She also does lots of volunteer / fundraising work for Plunket Parnell – she couldn’t be more deserving of the win!!

  38. I would like to surprise my inspirational ballet teacher, mentor and friend who, at 70 years young, is the most graceful, strong and giving woman I know and would never even think of being nominated for anything. Thank you.

  39. My beautiful best friend Anna Percy deserves a day of pampering! She is such a wonderful human and deserves to be treated out. It is also her birthday coming up so this would be perfect!

  40. I would love a day of pampering, a bit of self care I think is important for everybody. Work six days a week as a therapist -love my work but get tired sometimes. This would be amazing wouldn’t it. maggie

  41. My best friend Kristie! She’s a nurse so she cares a lot for others so a day of pampering would be so amazing!

  42. My terrific sister who has been such as amazing mother to her two children. She never spoils herself so this would be the first time in her life she has had a true pamper.

  43. I would take my fabulous daughter in law Renee. She has three amazing daughters and always put them first. She would just love this special treat.

  44. My girlfriend Jo who has had a few health issues lately, this would be a great way to relax and also have a chance to catch up with each other.

  45. I haven’t seen my bestie Shreya in a while, she’s been working hard at a new job and deserves some time to herself

  46. My work colleague, faithful 2IC and ambulance at the bottom of the cliff on so so many occasions. She makes me look good, so deserves to look good, too. Stay golden, Nat.

  47. My bestie Isabelle after buying a house pampering is something which is now off the cards. Would like to treat her to this special day

  48. My friend Isabel deserves pampering! She’s been spending all week running around her family, studying, and working – she needs a break!

  49. What a Prize this would be indeed! I would share this with my Good Friend Shannon!! She is Always helping me out & it would be Great to Indulge in this Together!

  50. I’m desperate for some pampering after opening my new shop Rags & Romance in Remuera it would be just in time for my daughters wedding and fronting up to the ex on my own. If not me my lovely friend Sarah could really do with some spoiling.

  51. My dear friend Suzanne could really do with a day of pampering – she has had the most enormous amount of stress in her personal life for the last couple of years and she has been so very brave (and still kind and generous to her family and friends). I would love her to have such a treat 🙂

  52. My friend Carike really deserves this. She’s been looking after her sister’s busy kids for two months and it’s exhausting. She would so love this!

  53. That would have to be Ruby – she’s gonna be a blushin bride real soon so needs some early pampering to get herself de-stressed…

  54. My friend Nia as she’s recently taken on caregiver duties for her mother and nephew, both in a short space of time, and has hardly any time for herself on top of work and community work. She’s fab and more than deserves this! Thanks

  55. My amazing friend Emma Dobson deserves a day of pampering – she is 23, working full time in a huge job and completing her masters at the same time!!

  56. My brilliant sister in law Kirsten who writes books and songs and poetry but is recovering from a major brain anuerysim and whose determination is inspirational.

  57. Sally (my friend) who’s recently gone back to work.. We’re both Mums of 2 kids so have very busy lives & don’t have much time or money for ourselves..

  58. My friend Teryll and I deserve a bit of a break, I’ve been knee deep in treatment and she’s been an amazing support!

  59. I’m taking my friend who used to live in Auckland and misses it desperately. She needs to step on familiar turf and feel some big city vibes.

  60. Most definitely my gorgeous friend Larissa who has kept a smile on her face despite both her mum and her teenage daughter suffering from long term debilitating illnesses. I cannot imagine what she’s going through and constantly marvel at her ability to keep going for her family and friends. Love her to bits.

  61. I would love to invite my best friend and sister Paulina. After living in different countries for the past 27 years, now back in NZ, it would be great to share a day together getting pampered.

  62. I’d love a pampering day! I’m pregnant and exhausted from chasing my 2 year old son. This will definitely help me to relax x

  63. My friend Nicky deserves a pampering session after having her husband pass away within seven weeks of a short severe illness. She never has any “me” time and it’s time she did! So I think this would be perfect.

  64. My mum flew a cross the globe to come helping me with my 2-yo daughter. I have been juggling between a full time job and single parenting for the past two years and I can’t be more grateful for my loving mum! I think we both deserve to be pampered and have a “Mummy Holiday”!

  65. My friend Hayley would love this, she is such a giving person and has had to support her mum who had a major stroke – a pamper session would be just the ticket for her!!

  66. I would love to take my friend Kat, she has three young kids and works as a teacher, so some pampering would be well deserved 🙂

  67. My gf Janelle who holds down a full time job,looks after her son, the household as well as her partner’s mum who lives with them.

  68. My sister Linda, she has been through so much in the last couple of years but continues to be positive, work hard and put her family first before herself and I think she now deserves some ‘me time’💕

  69. A few hours of pampering is exactly what my sister, Kim, needs. Just to relax, and be looked after, instead of taking care of others would do her the world of good.

  70. I work at Ronald McDonald House in Starship Hospital, which provides free accommodation for families of sick children. I would love to take one of our long-term mums (and my friend) Sam, who really could do with a treat!

  71. My gorgeous girlfriend Di, who has shown such incredible grace, strength & courage over the past few years.

  72. My beautiful hard working daughter Jody.
    Has 6 boys. Heartbreaking for her as her 13year got cancer which he has come thro. Has been a tough couple of years which she deserves to be pampered .

  73. My friend who is pregnant with her second child and is also working full time and studying. Shes needs a nice girls day out of pampering!

  74. My amazing friend Anna who is currently camping in her garage with 3 small children in the middle of winter while they do a major house renovation!

  75. I would love to enter my Mum as she has been through a lot lately with losing her husband, a leg operation and problems with selling her house 🙂 She has always helped me through my life and it would be nice to give back!

  76. I would love to take my sister who has had a tough few months. She’s an incredibly strong woman who does a lot for everyone else so this would be such a treat for her.

  77. I would love to take my neighbor and good friend Jan. She is always ready to help everyone in the garden, and she needs some TLC herself. Having been diagnosed with arthritis, she keeps going. We always have lots of laughs and I love her visits with her cat Buddy.

  78. It’s my awesome friend Lynda’s birthday today! Would be fabulous to have a catch up day being pampered!

  79. My best friend Karen Bushe deserves this day of pampering, as she has just helped me through an operation and 5 weeks of recovery. Nothing was ever too much for her, despite having her own family plus an international student to care for. She has gone above and beyond caring for me after the operation and she is still continuing to help my recovery.

  80. I’d love to treat my mother! She is so giving and supportive. Over these school holidays she came up from Wellington to help out so I could attend meetings.

  81. My Bestie, Naomi, so deserves a “Day of Pampering” life has dealt her her a TREE load of lemons, but she just picks herself up & starts all over, without complaining.
    Naomi has never been experienced any of these “pampering treats” starting with relaxation at Float Culture, her teeth whitened at LovelySmiles, an OSMOSIS facial from Finesse Face and Body Clinic, a colour cut and blow-wave by Dana Hair Design, a new outfit by Stretton, with shoes from Mischief.
    She is such a loyal, giving & loving friend, I would love to see her “strutting her stuff” realising how gorgeous she can really be!.

  82. My beautiful friend Diana Bain deserves a day of pampering. Diana has been volunteering at NA for several years and is on call at all times for those that are in need of a mentor and help during times of desperate need. Diana has often had to cancel on dinners and catch ups with family and friends in order to counsel new members. She is a ray of sunshine and a font of insight and wisdom with no judgment attached. Some days she is exhausted but always remains positive and is an amazing role model.

  83. My mum, she has always been my best friend and after having a big stroke a couple of months ago, it really knocked her and her confidence so I think a day of pampering would be so amazing and make her feel super special!

  84. My Best Friend Ashleigh Davidson is the most deserving, single mum who is the most amazing person, always the best friend and there for ,e no matter what she has going on. She’s an amazing mum and kind! So incredible blessed to have her in my life and this would be the most amazing treat! Pleaseeee pick us we never win 🙂 Thanks Verve

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