Win the ultimate ISO skin kit thanks to Dermalogica

Dry, stressed skin? Win the ultimate ISO skin kit thanks to Dermalogica – to ensure your skin on your face and body is being cared for and replenished for over this time. dermalogica.co.nz


The Dermalogica ISO skin kit includes:

  • MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque 75ml $109.00
  • Stress Positive Eye Lift $122.00
  • Sound Sleep Cocoon 50ml $145.00
  • Phyto Replenish Body Oil $99.00
  • Blue WOW Bag $25.00

Total value: $500.00


To go into the draw for fabulous prize, comment below and let us know why you are in need of this amazing prize!


Competition now closed. Congratulations to our winner,  Amy Sparks.

    1. I have tried numerous products with little success. I have read about Detmalogica and would love to try it for my combination, problem and sometimes sensitive skin. Thank you

      1. My beautiful sister who has parented my children while I was unable to do so at a huge cost to her own life. Selfless and loving. She deserves to look after herself.

      2. 2020 has been a tought year for me and during this time I have struggled to keep my skin looking good I would live to have some beautiful dermetalogica products to help revive it. Thankyou

    2. I have never tried these products. They sound amazing and I’d love to see if they help improve the condition of my skin

    1. I’m a new mum and my skin seriously needs a pick-me-up and some TLC. I love Dermalogica as it’s doesn’t react with my sensitive but oily skin!

  1. I would really love to win this fabulous giveaway because I need to improve my skincare routine with rejuvenating, reviving, nourishing, soothing, anti-aging quality products ❤ I would be absolutely thrilled to win ❤

  2. In needing some pampering and a lift while I look for another job. Its the little things in life that mean the most.

  3. I am trying to keep my skin care up. I love dermalogica. These products would find an appreciative home with me.

  4. I’m a police officer and working day and night
    this will be great to use when the end of COVID 19 is in sight
    to relax again and have some time out
    this gorgeous prize will de-stress, giving skin a glowing workout

  5. I’ve been stressed and find that self care routines are the best way of being home and getting out of over thinking. Its always so special unboxing and trying a new and special skin care product. My daughter uses Dermalogica, I’d like to experience them

  6. I love Dermalogica products and this would just be such a luxury to use so I’m feeling good before returning to the office in a few weeks!

    1. I would love to win this pack for my flatmate and I to try. We have never used Dermalogica before and both have dry skin especially with change of season. We have both worked right through lockdown so this would be a great treat. ♥️

  7. Lockdown has meant taking on extra duties at work so ironically I am busier and more stressed than ever and it’s showing in my skin.

  8. Self isolating during lockdown which seems to have affected my skin which now feels quite dry. I love to pamper myself these dermologica products.

  9. I would love to get back into using Dermalogica and seeing which products work for me. Its been year of careful spending and an isolation of lots of walks so definitely time to put some care back into my skin.

  10. I would love to win this as I look like a tired mumma at the moment and would love some amazing products to get my glow back ! I’ve got a nearly 1 year old, and a 2 year old and lockdown has been so hectic. Fingers crossed 🙂

  11. As I have 3 lovely (loud) boys, a husband and a yappy dog all in lockdown with me. My skin is not appreciating lockdown!

  12. My skin would be so thankful, it’s taken a beating with the heaters and aircon everyday. It’s never been dryer! Would love this set to restore some of the moisture lost! Help 🙏🏻

  13. With the ups and downs over lock down I need to restart and reset – I am in need of rejuvenation for my skin and my soul. The last week in particularly has been on the high stress levels with a number of things and teaching the children while working from home certainly has challenges that we are continuing to overcome. This would be amazing to lift the soul and my skin.

  14. Would love the chance to try these products, a nice gift to look forward in this time & breathe a little hope back into life. Thank you

  15. I’ve always wanted to try Dermalogica as their products look amazing and have heard great things! My skin is awful at the moment after crazy hours working in essential services…could really so with a revival!

  16. It’s been 2 months since giving birth and my skin is in an even worse state than it was during pregnancy… probably due to lack of sleep and stress..

  17. Still searching for an amazing skincare line, maybe Dermalogica is the one?? Life is looking uncertain in Queenstown, and with winter on the way, I could use a pampering, mindful ritual. Might use them on my hubby too.

  18. I’d like to experience Dermalogica .I’ve been stressed and find that self care routines are the best way of being home and getting out of over thinking. Its always so special unboxing and trying a new and special skin care product.

  19. I would be so grateful to give these products to my mum on Mother’s Day, especially because her skin has been ageing so these products would definitely help her feel more beautiful and confident! x

  20. I’ve never heard about this brand before. I would love to try this new brand. My skin type is dry and sensitive. I think it is perfect for my skin type.

  21. Multi Vitamins: Recovery: Stress and Replenish…. all words that we can relate to at this challenging time..my skin is feeling dry and in need of nourishment… Dermalogica has been recommended by friends.

  22. I’d love to try this – my skin is dull and the under eye is in dire need of some help. I love Dermalogica products

  23. As our home is so busy with our 4 sons, I feel i have been neglecting my skin, it is in dire need of some TLC, so this would be perfect.

  24. Trying to flip isolation into a positive and do all the things I usually don’t have time for – namely, self care! My skin would lap up the Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque!

    1. I work 3 part time jobs and a side hussle. Which 2 is on-call (healthcare and school) and the other at a showroom every Saturday and half the day during the week days for my freelance projects. I really enjoy multi-tasking but can be stressful at times because everyday is different! And that’s when my skin brakes out. I know these gorgeous skincare products will do my skin justice!

  25. This would be amazing as my skin needs lots of help due to the side effects of my anti-rejection medication post kidney transplant. These would make such a difference for me!

  26. I’ve worked through the Covid 19 as an essential worker. Shift work and long days plus the stress of how the pandemic was going to affect all us clinical frontline nurses has been draining. A new Dermalogica skincare set would really be a skin and soul boost. Thank you

  27. Have used Dermalogica before and it is a wonderful product and a treat to be able to use. Would love to be able to used the products in your giveaway. The ladies at Louise Grey are so helpful when coming to choose these products.

  28. Health issues of recent have left my skin in much need of being pampered with good skin care products and Dermalogica sounds ideal. Would be a real boost to win. Thanks

  29. Hello , I am looking for a new skin care regime, as I’ve aged its now time to find products that will nourish my skin with the science behind it and I’m not just buying a name.
    I’m very keen to explore your range. Exciting.

  30. Hi Dermalogica people,I would be ever so grateful and not to mention ecstatic to win this wonderful ISO skin kit that could and would perform miracles on my oldish,tired,dry,wrinkled, & sagging 56 year old skin.I know your products are superior from the very positive reviews I’ve read and I feel just the healing tonic my aging skin needs desperately and quite frankly deserves.I’d be the happiest little girl in her bubble. Thank you Dermalogica team. Keep safe. 🙂

  31. I’ve been a bit stressed and it has taken its toll on my skin. If I could just get out of this lockdown looking a bit better with a lovely skin, maybe I will catch the eye of some good man!

  32. I would like to gift this kit to my school special needs teacher, Glenda who has been working so hard for the kids and never has time to take care of herself.

  33. I adore Dermalogica biolumin-C serum, so would absolutely LOVE to try these amazing skin ISO-essentials. My skin could definitely do with a boost 💗

  34. Oh what an amazing prize. I’d like to win and treat my skin, always wanted to try this brand. My skin is in stressed condition now and could do with some love

  35. My skin looking tired at the moment and I can not see me being able to afford lovely products like this for the forseeable future

  36. HUGE fan of Dermalogica, they do quality, effective skincare products. Manufactured in the US, their products are also cruelty-free – not tested on animals – and do not contain any artificial colours/fragrances or parabens. I’ve never once been disappointed with a Dermalogica skincare product. I already have the Sound Sleep Cocoon, which is a superb night gel-cream (love gel formulas!) inside a unique, cleverly-designed, user-friendly tub. You twist and pump out the formula into the palm of your hand and smooth it on to your face and neck. I use it most nights and it feels so lovely and calming on my skin – the gel cream is light in texture and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and smooth. It has french lavender and other essential oils in it, and it just sinks into your skin and feels instantly restorative and hydrating. Particularly interested in trying out the Stress Positive Eye Lift in this prize kit… Anything that can give my 40-plus, fatigued, lockdown under-eye area a boost at the moment is much-needed and would be a godsend right now.

  37. My dry ole alligator skin could do with a bit of a boost. Spending time during lockdown working and doing so much around the home I’ve noticed my skin looking dull and dry and given going for a facial isn’t in the equation any time soon it would be great to have some wonderful products to do my own!! Sleep cocoon sounds awesome too, it can do the work while I rest and recover from the days activities and am fresh and ready to go the following day 🙂

  38. I would love this prize due to my skin looking the worst I can remember it during lockdown please, thank you.

  39. I would really like to win this gift as a huge thank you to my mother who has supported me during a very tough time at work and in my personal life as well. She has been there for me for phone calls at all hours of the night while I live in Sydney. She has been there for me through thick and thin and she deserves to look after herself with some beauty products.
    Thank you

  40. I have dry, ageing skin that has seen a bit too much of the sun thanks to working outside. I would love to use awesome products to help counteract some of the damage!

  41. For some reason I always skimp when it comes to buying things for myself. I really need to win these to do something good for my skin!

  42. After all of the hand cleaning over the last 5 weeks my skin is so dry so would love to try and remedy this

  43. Had an op last week that has left me exhausted and unable to get out of bed so would be nice to have a treat to look forward to

  44. Never been able to afford this great brand but the goodies here sound amazing and a lovely treat for this tired skin of mine.

  45. My daughter is in need of some really good skin care. With her 16th birthday coming up on the 27th May, this would be a fantastic prize and would provide her with the first step to lifelong skin care. I am also hoping she will share it with me to help my dry ageing skin.

  46. Wow, who doesn’t need TLC for their skin. Looks amazing and would love to finally have a great skin routine for my pushing 50 skin ❤️

  47. For mum whose job has been negatively affected by covid, it’s her birthday too so in need of a pickup and aldi the chance to pamper herself. Thanks!

  48. Would love to give this to my mother in law who has had her 70th birthday during lockdown. She lost her daughter last year and is mourning her and being in isolation without seeing any of us, has had a very traumatic time. She deserves a treat x

  49. I have been forgetting my regular routine have my husband home 24/7and my creams need renewing with something better than my cheap and nasty stuff.

  50. My daughter (18) and I were separated in lockdown so have been in different bubbles (we’re reuniting tomorrow). I know she’ll love some pampering 🙂

  51. Finished breastfeeding twins and my skin has taken a hammering, it needs sorting out – I’ve aged 10 years! No funds for facials so this is the next best thing, and I love these products!!

  52. I have neglected my skin by using cheap,inferior products and it’s time to for me to take my care using the great benefits Dermalogica offers, and will be a great thing for me to look my best for my forthcoming Quarantine Birthday and treat myself

  53. I would share this with my beautiful Mum! We both need great skincare for different reasons, but I haven’t been able to justify a skincare product costing over $30 in a long, long time. I would love to spoil myself and Mum with Dermalogica.

  54. Why I would like the Dermologica pack? Like everyone else I’ve been in lockdown however, unlike most others, I’m stuck in a remote area with only the items I had with me when I went on holiday. My beauty regime is out the window.. my skin is dry from flying and being at the beach (a friends bach where I went for self isolation and now in lockdown. I’m running out of day and night moisturizers, my eye cream already depleted. Vanity has got the better of me and I would so love a moisturizing face mask and great quality products to help me restore my skin to a healthy glowing state. Thanks heaps for the opportunity.

  55. While not wearing makeup, the change in environment has meant my skin is going through a transition period. It would be great to try some new products to see if they can help

  56. I have been neglecting my skin of late.
    This would be great to get me back on
    Track. Dermalogica have such a fantastic

  57. I’ve never tried Dermalogica, but I’ve heard lots of good things about their skincare line and would love to see if it could help improve my extremely problematic skin. This would boost my confidence heaps.

  58. I’ve never tried Dermalogica, but I’ve heard lots of good things about their skincare line and would love to see if it could help improve my extremely problematic skin. This would boost my confidence heaps.

  59. I’ve never tried Dermalogica, but I’ve heard lots of good things about their skincare line and would love to see if it could help improve my extremely problematic skin. This would boost my confidence heaps.

  60. I’ve never tried Dermalogica, but I’ve heard lots of good things about their skincare line and would love to see if it could help improve my extremely problematic skin. This would boost my confidence heaps.

  61. I would love to win these s awesome products..to ensure my skin on my face and body is being cared for and replenished for over this time sounds the exact thing I am looking for right now..

  62. During this lockdown I havent had time to give my skin the TLC it needs. With running the household, looking after kids fulltime plus helping them with their school work, my skin has been abit neglected, this wonderful prize is just what my skin needs!

  63. I’ve bought Dermalogica before but as a gift for my Mum so never had the chance to try it for myself. I’d love to win as my skin is looking old & worn out so definitely in need of some really great products

  64. Dermalogica is such amazing product. My skin is feeling a bit sad and in need of some love as i’ve been juggling kids, husband, work, online school and our local community facebook page – this would do the trick!

  65. Since reaching my late 50’s, and being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, my skin has become so dry, and itchy. It looks awful, despite daily moisturising. I have always had sensitive skin, and lived with allergies, but have never been able to find a product that would work for me. Dermalogica sounds like a wonderful product, that may just be the answer I need.

  66. Stressed skin is definitely a concern right now with juggling everything so i could certainly use a treat and a lil mothers day gift to myself!!

  67. I would love to try these products because of the great reputation that Dermalogica has. Being a mature woman (turning 60 this year) my skin really needs all the help that I can receive.

  68. I’m a full time carer for my mum who is undergoing chemo and has dementia, it is hard and sad work, I need a treat.

  69. Wow! I just went on their website and had a good read of some of their skin articles which are very informative. I also had a browse of some of their product range and I couldn’t find one that didn’t have a five star review. Oh and I also found out they have a great rewards program. Needless to say I would LOVE to receive this gift pack to get me started on the Dermalogica journey!

  70. As an essential worker, I have been working hard last few weeks. Would love a present. Dermalogica is such a good brand

  71. I’ve heard AMAZING things about Dermalogica, but haven’t been able to invest in a new skincare range. I’d love to have the chance to try this out 🙂

  72. I have not been taking care of my skin as my focus are always on the children or the house and it is clearly showing. I would love to improve the condition of my skin, by trying out Dermalogica.

  73. Almost finished my training to become a midwife, shift work and being on call has taken it’s toll on my poor skin and self care, this would be an amazing help

  74. My skin needs a pick me up, for when we finally get of lockdown completely!! 🙂 I can show my face to the world!

  75. I have heard amazing things about Dermalogica and haev always wanted to try it. Need it more than ever at the moment after working full time, home schooling my son and not being able to leave the house for the last few weeks, could really do with some self-care!

  76. This would lovely. My partner is always buying skincare products and is very fussy about buying good products.. These are excellent and would make a very special gift for mother’s day. Thank you

  77. I am a new mumma – my baby girl is 6 months old… which means i havent had a full nights sleep in 6 months! I need all the extra help I can get. A wonderful first mothers day present

  78. This would be an incredible treat to win because my skin could do with a good pampering. I’ve been spending way too many hours hunched over my computer screen at home whilst focusing on delivering high quality lessons to my 160 students.

  79. I would love to win the Dermalogica ISO skin kit. I have just completed chemotherapy for breast cancer. My skin has become like fine sand paper. As I now have to take medication to inhibit oestrogen my wrinkles are increasing daily. I have to take this for 5 years. Having been unable to work for 7 months my income has reduced significantly and now my return is being delayed due to Covid 19. It will be a very long time before my finances recover.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful product.

  80. With the changing weather, the increased stress, the hectic work from home/home school my children/get groceries for three households/ it’s been a particular time that self love is missing but being able to be with my family and help others is wonderful. A little love for my skin and soul would be amazing.

  81. I would love to win this prize pack and rejuvenate my skin.
    I am an athlete in my late 20s and the athlete lifestyle has definitely taken a toll on my skin. I have dry skin that is need of some quality care. I think these products could help restore my skin and hopefully slow down ageing 🙂

  82. My skin would love to try these gorgeous products. Being an essential worker during this uncertain times is stressful and it’s showing. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  83. my skin is in a terrible condition, being a mans man i dot look after my skin but its time to start

  84. My face is a nightmare! Thought the extra iso sleep would help me glow… nope this it’s up to skin care now.

  85. I would love to give this a try. My skin is so dry and dull at the moment. It needs a bit of love

  86. I’d like to win this for my very good friend who has been nursing the terminally ill at Mary Potter Hospice

  87. I need this!! I have a reallt bad rash atm due ti using drugstore products, which most give me reactions. It would make my iso so much better having a little treat to get muy skin feeling better

  88. The Dermalogica products sound amazing, and I am in need of a transformation after spending the greater part of lockdown helping my son move house – lots of cleaning, packing, moving furniture, stress and sleepless nights wondering if it will all get done in time. Then doing it all in reverse at the new house. I feel as though my skin has aged 10 years. Got to be there for our kids when they need us though, don’t we. A little pampering would be wonderful.

  89. I’m a mental health nurse. As you can imagine work is even more stressful than usual. It’s certainly reflected on my face at the moment. If I won this prize pack I would share it with my colleagues. We all need some pampering now more than ever. Thank you.

  90. I’ve always been a bit of a hippie when it comes to skin care and haven’t washed my face with products in a very long time. I’m 28 this year and during this lockdown, my eyes have been opened to how clogged and dry my skin looks. Originally I thought I was caring for my skin by not touching it or putting anything on it, but now I think I’ve only been neglecting it. Using these products would be just the TLC my face needs.

  91. I haven’t been taken good care of my skin this past year and hopefully this kit will help. Thanks! 🙂

  92. My skin is looking tired and drab after being ill. I love to win such beautiful products to give my skin some real tlc.

  93. I work outside much of the time as a farmer and environmental educator. In these coming colder month my skin gets really dry and sensitive due to the wind. Id love to care for it better with this!

  94. I just had my 40th birthday recently. We were already in lockdown so there was no celebration, no gifts or anything special. It would be great to win this as a post-birthday gift so I can remember something nice that happened for my 40th birthday 🙂

  95. I have the BIGGEST bags under my eyes and I don’t have a face routine – have been meaning to start one recently so this would definitely help!

  96. I haven’t bought myself any products for a long time and I would love to treat my skin before my upcoming wedding.

  97. My mum has been working 6/7 days as she is an essential worker in the healthcare sector and i want to give her a little self care as she has no time for herself, and will never in budge to spend money on herself on these types of things!

  98. I don’t have much time for myself so a little pamper would be nice but I would love to give some to my mum!

  99. lockdown has been hard: work (which I am grateful for) has been busier than ever, schooling three kids and trying to keep up with household chores etc has resulted in terrible sleep patterns and no skincare routine – beautiful products like this will get me back on the self care train:)

  100. I just had my birthday and am starting to feel like age is taking effect. Really need to start a skin care routine of some sort.

  101. Adult acne in your late 40’s seems so unfair when you have PCOS, would love to try something to combat this issue but mum’s always seem to put themselves last on the budgeting list.

  102. I need to jigue up my skin for the hundreds of zoom meetings (that filter is working overtime).. my skin is combination and I find it so difficult to keep it happy.

  103. With my cosmetic clinic appointments being cancelled, i will need all the help i can get with getting my skin back on track. Taking care of my skin has always been important, and dermalogica has been a part of my skin journey for many years now. Its a trusted brand and i cannot reccommend it enough.

  104. I have tried various products over the years for my dry skin but haven’t found anything suitable, so would love to give the Dermalogica skin kit a go!

  105. My skin in absolutely freaking out while in lockdown. I would love to pamper myself a bit once the kids go back to school.

  106. Since becoming a Mum I don’t have the luxury of spluring on nice skincare as most of my money goes on my daughter and my Mama.

  107. Being in lock down skin treatment has been lacking so need this ultimate ISO skin treatment kit from Dermalogia to give my skin some much needed help

  108. I would love this as a belated Christmas, birthday and Mothers Day Present, as a single mum looking after my mum with dementia, who is undergoing chemo, Imam the absolute last person in the house that matters❤️

  109. The idea that skincare that can enhance my complexion more than covering my skin with makeup every day is amaizng. Imagining waking up and not seeing a new little friend say hi to me in the mirror every morning… Omg. I would loooove love love this pack!

  110. My beautiful partner is a fan of Dermalogica and I would love to surprise her with such a bundle as a way to thank her for all the support she has given me throughout the last few weeks.

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