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The Wine Rack

Hanz Herzog Estate is one of our most respected wineries renowned for its artisan vintages and its impressive versatility. Their larger than life wine portfolio of 29 classic grape varietals are appreciated by wine lovers all over the country.


The Herzog family are winemaking icons having been involved in the wine industry for centuries. Before immigrating to New Zealand in the early ’90s Hans and Therese Herzog owned a winery in Switzerland. On arriving in New Zealand they wasted no time taking up residence in Marlborough and purchased an apple orchard. Although the land was precious, its potential as a grape growing region was not fully recognised. It’s to the Herzog’s credit that they converted the orchard into grapes.


Twenty-five years on Hanz Herzog Estate is one name amongst no-end of boutique wineries that is revered for its contribution to the wine industry. It’s also widely acclaimed as one of the best wineries in the country, its cellar door a must do. “We just love the wine game,” says Arthur Griffoul, sommelier. “For us it’s not about money; we’re driven by a passion for quality wines.”


<< 2012 Pinot Noir “Grand Duc”

RRP $69
A stunning wine offering everything expected of a pinot noir. Dense and structured with compelling aromas while still managing to be supple.


<< 2014 Mistral

RRP $53 Viognier
Fans will love this. A full-bodied dry aromatic wine rich in flavour with nice fruity flavours showing some spice that’s lush on the palate leaving a lingering finish.




Words: Dennis Knill