When winter arrives do you feel more like hibernating? Whilst spending time retreating, nourishing and honouring our circadian rhythm is important on a physical level, we may be selling ourselves short on a mental and emotional level. 


According to recent research, Dr Douglas Gentile, professor of developmental psychology at Iowa State University says that walking around and offering kindness to others in the world reduces anxiety and increases happiness and feelings of social connection. So a walk in the park, connecting with others or offering some time for volunteering could be a great way to stay happy and healthy through the winter months. 


Our emotional landscape directly affects our immune system and the way we think about ourselves in relation to the world. Try to take some time to get involved in something new, maybe its art, music, dance or pottery. We encourage you to explore your growing edge, as doing the same thing over and over becomes monotonous and we can get stuck in a rut. 



Maybe use this winter to explore different ways you can live with purpose and meaning. Life happens from the inside out, shift the inside and suddenly the outside can look different and more interesting. Consider changing your exercise, daily habits and the types of food you eat to match the season. For example, tai chi, qi gong and yoga are particularly well suited to winter.


In traditional Chinese medicine, our energy and overall health is better balanced by adapting to the seasons. The kidneys are considered to be the gate of life, storing our essence, regulating reproduction and development, plus fluid distribution is directly related to the health of our kidneys. Traditional Chinese medicine advocates taking good care of the kidneys and supporting them even more as we get older. Use the winter season to take extra care of the kidneys and adrenal glands in particular.


Go to bed earlier, rest more and keep the kidneys warm by rugging up in the cold. Keep your head, neck, upper back, and belly warm and safe from wind. Wear a hat and a jacket with a warm collar or a scarf.



Eat more cooked foods, plenty of root vegetables and use more spices. Include warm porridge, hearty soups and stews and keep well hydrated with more warm drinks such as herbal teas and hot water with lemon and ginger. These will support your immune system and help you feel warm and nourished.


Winter is the ideal time for restoration, nourishment and nurturing. It is a time to consolidate your energy in preparation for the burst of new life and energy for spring. Even a few days at Gwinganna can leave you feeling rested and recharged.


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