Verve May Fashion_0047

Anett Röstel Berlin Metallic Dress exclusive to Et Vous. Fara sand shoe by Ecco Shoes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.23.33 pm

Pastel blue wool coat from Witchery, and Zik 3 headphones by Parrot.

Verve May Fashion_0505

Beige suede coat and skirt from Witchery.
Silk and wool mix jumper in pastel pink, from Country Road.
Necklaces from the Tous Face Collection (silver plated with 18k gold and enamel).
Makoke pink leather bowling bag from Tous.

Verve May Fashion_0416

Knitted cream skirt, jumper and suede shoes from Country Road, Trenzado hand bag from Tous.

Verve May Fashion_0340

Orbit knit dress from The Cupboard, Fara sand shoes by Ecco Shoes.

Verve May Fashion_0384

Merino fettle sweater and energy pant from Untouched World.

Verve May Fashion_0150

Fleck bobble beanie and microlight alpine jacket by RAB,
jumper from Sasha and jeans from Witchery.

Verve May Fashion_0210

Poncho from Zebrano.

Photography: Neil Gussey
Make-Up: Imeleta Kellet
Model: Seen Young Kim from Clyne Models
Styling: Verve Magazine