Wise Woman Yoga – Yoga for Hormone Harmony

Caroline Hailstone has developed a wonderful yoga programme to help all women better understand the subtleties of their own hormonal systems.


Yoga can play a vital role in all stages of female journeying. It can transform our whole wellbeing, especially when we enter mid-life. Wise Woman Yoga was created to help women realise their own yoga magic by  allowing each and every woman to focus on herself so that she can take time to discover the benefits of a home-based, easy to follow practice which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


Caroline has over 20 years yoga teaching experience in hatha, restorative, flow, prenatal and yin yoga practices. On a recent trip back to the UK Caroline immersed herself in the studies of the endocrine system and through this process she has developed Wise Woman Yoga a yoga workshop for menopause and hormone balance which is what she now specialises in.


Wise Womans Workshops
  • These inspiring workshops are all about women taking control of their hormones with the help of yoga asana, breathing techniques and self-massage.
  • Each workshop has been specifically designed for women with menopausal, perimenopausal and PMS symptoms. The workshop is easy to follow and deeply relaxing. You are guaranteed a good night’s sleep after participating in a Wise Woman workshop. 
  • We are very lucky to have guest speakers come along and share their knowledge with us on topics such as nutrition, aromatherapy, naturopathy, and HRT.
  • Our workshops run throughout the year on Sunday afternoons in our beautiful space in Ponsonby and also on Waiheke Island.

Website: wisewomanyoga.nz
Phone: 021 274 1919
Email: wisewomanyogi@gmail.com
Facebook: Wise Woman Yoga