Lorraine Moss, Smith Acoustic Guitar

Women in Woodworking | Centre For Fine Woodworking

If you happen to look through woodworking books or magazines, you would be hard-pressed to see a female face amongst the pages. Historically woodworking has been a very male-dominated trade or hobby, and even now women only account for about 25 percent of our student intake.


A regular comment from aspiring female woodworkers is that they were steered away from school woodworking classes and/or their father’s shed, which actually didn’t stop their desire to learn later in life. Centre for Fine Woodworking courses offer no formal qualifications and are accessible to anyone and everyone who is interested in taking their skills to the highest level attainable whether for career development or personal pleasure.


Here we showcase three highly skilled women who are practising furniture makers, all of whom have attended intensive full time programmes here at the school.


In November 2019 the school will run its first women only four-day beginners course in a supreme effort to get those female students way above the current 25 percent.

Lou Fuller & Rob Godoy Dog Bed

Lou Fuller

Lou Fuller is a highly skilled furniture maker, and formerly the school’s teaching assistant/technician. Lou is currently on an internship in Canada with one of North America’s most respected furniture makers assisting him to create work for the Canadian Embassy.

Left: Tash Courtney. Right: Lorraine Mos.

Lorraine Moss-Smith

Lorraine created an impressive portfolio of work and has now set up her own workshop. Lorraine created an 8m sculpture made from cedar for the 2018 Light Nelson Festival which now remains in the Queen’s Gardens.

Tash Courtney

Tash works from her studio workshop in Hahei and every year opens her doors for the Mercury Bay Art Escape. Tash is inspired by Scandinavian design and appreciates the less is more approach. It is of great importance to her to create high quality heirloom pieces. Tash takes private commission work and sells smaller items on Felt.


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