Wendy Jefferson
Wendy Jefferson

Working From Home with Wendy Jefferson | Marketing Executive, Continental Cars BMW

We caught up with Continental Cars BMW Marketing Executive, Wendy Jefferson to see how she is dealing with lockdown.


What’s changed about your business?

Being a car dealership, we have had to improvise with working from home whilst maintaining daily contact via video calls with our staff.   In a lot of ways, it’s brought us closer as you just have to try and have a laugh everyday in these extreme circumstances whilst supporting each other.


We have worked at speed to digitally communicate with our customers and the public and worked really hard to provide fun and engaging information and activities for the kids and “big kids”.  BMW globally have been very innovative and pro-active in these areas.  Our marketing strategies have changed somewhat with working 100% in a digital landscape.


Do you see yourself coming out of this with a better idea of changes you wish to make in your business – no doubt if so you are still working these out?

I feel we have been catapulted into the future at a great rate of knots with contactless servicing, virtual sales appointments and contactless test-drives.


We have implemented many changes to the way we do business to keep our customers and staff safe whilst providing them with the highest level of service that we can.  We have learnt to be even more innovative in our thought processes which has been embraced by all of our people and I’m sure will be appreciated by our customers providing them with reassurance at this time.


How are you handling all this extra time at home?

With mixed feelings.  I came back from overseas and was straight into self-isolation which was just before the Level 4 lockdown.   There have been challenges but I wouldn’t change my bubble of my daughter (21 yrs) and husband.  We’re very close and have never had any issues.  Work-wise I am busier than ever and have had to upskill very quickly on “video conferencing” and a few other digital innovations.

At the Continental Cars group, we are fortunate to have a very skilled team of people with vast amounts of knowledge in various areas so we can help each other out when we come across a problem as there’s always someone who knows the solution.


Soundtrack of choice whilst working at home if any?

I have the radio going in the background or listen to Spotify (the new BMW playlists are a favourite). Once I’m in my work groove, it’s really just background noise.


What’s for breakfast?

I’m back to intermittent fasting (after too much indulgence early on), so nothing until 11am so it’s more like brunch.


Where do you like to get your news from?

Various online channels and TV.


Walk the dog or downward dog?

No dogs here – so plenty of walking to the beach which is very close by and a bit of Pilates in the lounge.


Working at home – what’s for lunch?

Where do I start – fruit (loving feijoas at the moment), home-made soup, sardine toasted sandwiches (one of those either love it or hate it things) or the good old smashed avo on toast.


Lockdown larder essentials you can’t do without?

Cheese, olives, cheese and more cheese – I love making platters!!


A glass of something – most memorable / old favourite / keeps you sane?

A good Rosé never goes amiss and the odd G&T. We partner with Louis Roederer at Continental Cars BMW and I am fortunate to have sampled their fabulous champagne, including the famous Cristal, at numerous events which always brings back great memories.


Dinner venue you can’t wait to get back to (post lockdown)?

Some of our local Asian restaurants – you can never recreate their food at home!


Evening beauty or betterment routine?

I like to switch off from work in the kitchen and later in front of the TV…I’m right into Killing Eve and Why Women Kill – oops is there a theme here!?


Your look for working at home. What do you like to wear to get into the mood?

I love my jeans and of course “active-wear”!  I put on some make-up essentials as have a couple of video conference calls every day and feel the need to still look presentable – at least the top half!


Least favourite thing about working from home?

I miss the daily “physical” interaction with friends, family and my work colleagues at Continental Cars BMW and starting the day with a good soy flat-white from our fabulous barista-style coffee machine in our amazing new Showroom in Wairau Road!


Where will you advertise your business once lockdown is over?

We will continue our focus with engaging customers through social and digital media, whilst still supporting local main-stream media channels where possible.


Anything else you would like to add?

It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it in extreme circumstances.  It is heart-warming seeing the acts of kindness every-day NZers have been doing.  I am very proud to be a Kiwi and very thankful that I live in this amazing country where we have been in the world’s media spotlight for all the right reasons!