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The YikeBike: One More Reason to Love Where You Live

Designed in New Zealand and manufactured in Christchurch, the YikeBike is a light weight, ultra-compact and folding, eco-friendly electric transporter solution with a unique look.


Our cities are already struggling to cope with increased pollution and congestion. As cities continue to grow, they will become so dense that the traditional car as a form of transport will become less feasible.


For many living and working in the city, the YikeBike is one of the solutions they have found to help with challenges they face in their day to day life. City commuters love the YikeBike because it provides them with a convenient way to quickly get to work, the local cafe, grocery store and is easy to take on the train or bus.




The YikeBike also provides an enjoyable and convenient way to get plenty of time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and sunlight that is so essential for maintaining good physical and mental well-being. Experience the joy of gliding down the street! Riding has never been such fun.


YikeBike delivers personal freedom; freedom from congestion, rush hour traffic, parking hassles and fuel bills. After use, riders can simply fold up the YikeBike for easy storage indoors which reduces the risk of theft.


The YikeBike Model V has been designed to be far safer than a normal bike, with anti-skid brakes, better acceleration, plus an optional two wheel attachment for even more stability.


With an advanced LED light system some of which are permanently on for added safety, backed by indicators and rear, brake and hazard lights.