Your Wish Is Their Command – The Two Jennys of Personal Concierge NZ Limited

Modern life can be busy, full and overwhelming, which is why the two Jennys at Personal Concierge are standing by to offer order, balance, and freedom. 


Not A FairyTale

While that may sound too good to be true, the team at Personal Concierge’s raison d’être is to simplify your life and take care of the things you don’t want to do or can’t get round to so you can spend your time on what’s meaningful to you. 


Servicing A Need

Jenny Peploe founded Personal Concierge in 2009, to provide a service to personal contacts needing help which, for many clients, she says, “is helping to keep households running smoothly”.  Since then the business has grown both in terms of the team and the broad range of requests from the likes of corporate companies, women juggling careers and homes, and people living offshore. 


A Wealth Of Experience

Outsourcing is an exploding global trend that’s helping everyone from CEO’s to single parents. Last year, Jenny Fisher came on board as Jenny Peploe’s business partner to assist with the burgeoning business. 


Combined, the pair have vast corporate experience in marketing, general management, science and personal care, and their backgrounds underpin the efficiency, professionalism and smooth running of Personal Concierge. 


Setting The Standard

“In the corporate world you learn to think strategically and critically about what you’re doing and there are firm processes in place across all areas including HR and finance. These ensure your business practices are tight and hold you to account,” says Jenny F. “We’ve transferred that understanding to Personal Concierge – for example, we work hard to ensure all of our suppliers meet our audit process so we can provide an extra layer of security and integrity to our clients.”  “We have 11 people on our team so people management, security, and professionalism are critical factors for us as well,” says Jenny P. 


“People put us in a position of trust, often we’re in their homes so we need to ensure we deliver on these critical factors,” adds Jenny F. “We understand our clients and know all too well the ‘mental load’ they carry when having to balance work life and home life because we’ve lived it ourselves. We know first-hand the juggle of getting things done to a timeline and/or running a household.”


You Don’t Have To Be Superwoman/Superman

“We want to deliver order, balance, and freedom, that’s our mantra,” says Jenny P. “We focus on freeing people up so they can focus on their career, family or me-time – whatever it might be—to help keep them from getting too overwhelmed, and to realise it’s okay to have a support network.” 


“In the business world we outsource many tasks and functions, so there’s no reason why we can’t in our personal lives too. It’s that simple, and it’s accessible to everyone who sees value in outsourcing the tasks and jobs that eat into valuable downtime,” says Jenny F.


“We feel very protective of our clients because we know what their lives are like so we work hard at making sure all of our processes make dealing with us simple and easy. We try to keep our communication with our clients to the essentials, we know how busy their inbox is!”


What Does Personal Concierge Do?

“What we offer is a broad range of services, we get different requests every day from clients here and overseas,” says Jenny P. 


“It might be decluttering to downsizing – we like to call that ‘right-sizing’,” adds Jenny F. “Or taking people who have relocated on an orientation tour of the city.”


“We oversee renovations, meet with tradespeople or manage the entire project,” says Jenny P. “The list of what we can do is diverse, we even have an HR/recruitment specialist and an event manager on our team, so we have specialists in certain areas. A growing area is providing support to families who might be overseas and need assistance with their business, property or family here.


“We tell people if it’s not on the list ask us. As long as it’s morally, ethically and legally OK we’ll find a way. We’re solution focused, it’s our job to get things done for our client as efficiently as possible without any fuss.”


What Personal Concierge Can Do For You


Errand services

  • Purchasing items (flowers, prescriptions, gifts), other services (tailoring and alterations, repairs and valet services)

Property management

  • Meeting tradespeople, maintenance, service, decluttering and downsizing

Estate management

  • We dovetail in quietly behind and get things done, whether it’s returning hire equipment or sorting household and personal belongings

Bespoke services

  •  Legacy videos
  •  Back to School and Hall of Residence purchases
  •  Care packs

Diary management for absent clients

  •  Management of property/business interests if offshore
  •  Mail collection
  •  Restocking of household items for owners/guests
  •  Admin duties

Business Admin Support

  •  HR
  •  Finance support
  •  Event management
  •  Project management

Dedicated apartment concierge services

  •  Exclusive services to apartment owners.
  •  Admin / EA duties

Relocation and moving services

  • Including orientation to the community

Event management

  •  Management of events
  •  Organisation of staff/facilitation of services and venues

Travel services

  •  Itinerary development, special need facilitation, and travel documentation support

Facilitating personal care services

  •  Post surgery care, new parent support, etc.

Gift Cards

  •  Giving the gift of time to acknowledge an occasion, celebration or corporate recognition



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