Nestled on Kent Street in Newmarket Zoë & Morgan’s gorgeous new shop is a must visit.


The New Store

Zoë & Morgan Newmarket is a stylish space with striking cathedral ceilings and floors that have formed the foundation of the building for 100 years. “We fell in love with the space,” says Zoë whose husband Teia fitted out the shop before it was blessed by a Maori priest. 


Newmarket, City Works Depot & Notting Hill

The third addition to the Zoë & Morgan stable, the first shops opened in 2013. Situated at Auckland’s City Works Depot and Primrose Hill in London, the latter has just moved to vibrant Notting Hill.


A Family Affair

Run by three siblings—Morgan, Zoë, and Ruth—from London, Bali and Auckland respectively, jewellery was a trade passed down to the trio by their father Douglas, a silver and goldsmith. 


“Dad was Argentinean, our mother is English and we lived in the Cotswolds.” says Zoë. “A bit of a hippie, Dad decided peace would come in the Pacific so we came to New Zealand by boat with stops in Japan, Jamaica, Panama, and Tahiti in the ’80s.”




Settling in Devonport, Douglas opened a shop called Moonbird. “We learned the trade there,” says Zoë. “We had to work in the shop to earn to buy the materials.” Moonbird closed when the family went travelling. “What we didn’t know was that Dad was in the first stages of dementia so he didn’t re-open,” says Zoë.


An Instant Success

“When we started there was a hole in the market and straight away we got into places like Net-a-Porter,” says Zoë. “We were so lucky. Teia and I came back to New Zealand nine years ago—we’d gone over to the UK for a little OE and 11 years later came back with a business and two kids.” 


Zoë now runs Auckland, Ruth Notting Hill and Morgan is based in Bali working on their contemporary range.



Zoë & Morgan is non-traditional in that it’s based on family values and connections. “I must honour a woman I met 15 years ago in London,” says Zoë. “Her name was Dr Smart and she advised me to think about life in a holistic sense not just in a work sense. Our business encompasses the whole family, between us we have four children and we come together all over the world. At the opening party for this store, there were just as many children as adults”.



Giving Back

Zoë recently celebrated her 40th birthday and was touched by the love from family, friends and the crew. The Zoë & Morgan team interacts with customers daily who are buying gifts for loved ones. “We incorporate this into our jewellery, combining beautiful designs with a story or meaning so people can give a gift that is personal and truly meaningful,” says Zoë.

“Every year we reflect back on the kindness people have shown us and we all feel like it’s important to give back in return. We work closely with charities who’s values align with our own.


Three ranges:

A favourite among jewellery lovers, Zoë & Morgan comprises:


  • Contemporary: made of sterling silver and gold plating. 
  • Fine: 18-carat gold with materials like a hand-cut crystal from Brazil.
  • Bespoke: engagement, wedding, and customised pieces.


Words – Jenna Moore


6B Kent Street, Newmarket
09 520 1520