Zone Denmark, In Love with Form & Function | Day & Age

Every now and then a product comes along and steals your attention, keeps its promise and puts a smile on your face. That is what the Zone Denmark 2019 collection does. We have no doubt that this range will not only look magnificent in every corner of your home but also please you in that unexpected way that beautifully designed products tend to.


We are very proud to introduce these useful darlings in subtly sophisticated colours. They will surprise and inspire you with innovative designs and understated charm that breathes new life into the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Zone Denmark is now venturing into a new category with two small yet fabulous pieces of furniture, the A-Stool and the A-Table. Both are as aesthetic as they are practical and come in black and soft grey to complement any modern interior design.


So we could go on, and we will! Zone Denmark won several awards for outstanding designs in 2019. Four German Design Awards, three “special mentions” as well as the winner of the overall category.


Okay, a little bit more bragging. Not only are Day and Age the first online retailer in New Zealand to have stocked Zone Denmark, but we also carry the full range available and are fully committed to adding new pieces. We hope you like what you see, so we’ll stop going on about it and just let you marvel at the many pieces we stock at www.dayandage.co.nz