12 Design Treats You Need Right Now

These are the top 12 design treats you need for your space this month! Click on the name to purchase the products.


1. Oud Light Resident

The Oud lamps single armature follows a continuous and unbalanced line, concealing all the mechanisms of the warm LED lamp. A sphere of polished crimson or white marble rests on its leg: its diameter is fitted to the palm, a quarter-turn operates the internal switch.


2. Hinoki Bathroom Stool Japanese Craft

Small Japanese bathroom stool made from Kiso Hinoki wood. Traditionally this stool is used in Japanese wash houses to sit on whilst the body is wiped down before entering the public baths. Can be used for the same purpose as the Japanese or for a multitude of uses around the home – especially great for children’s rooms. Hinoki wood is used for bathroom accessories not only for of its water and bacteria resistant properties – which are excellent – it is also a fragrant wood when wet. It is also incredibly beneficial for the skin as it has a natural oil with healing and
beauty effects.


3. Parison Table Light Resident

As a piece, the Parison Table light quietly anchors a room, subtly and deliberately imperfect, glowing softly and holding its own, a perfect addition to a quirky minimalist home. Also perfect for softly lit dinners as an alternative to candle light. A soft milky table sculpture which emanates light, resembling a soap bubble resting on a tabletop.


4. Underline Cafe Table Simon James

The Underline table collection explores the integrated seamless connection point between steel and wood. Designed to accommodate a number of different home and work environments this table comes in variations of round, rectangle and cafe. A solid oak top will handle the knocks at home while developing character over time.


5. Booster BBQ Grill 100 Roshults

Röshults Booster BBQ Grill is a brand new charcoal barbecue powered by infrasound. Infrasound cannot be heard by human beings, yet it is very powerful. With infrasound technology, you achieve a faster ignition than ever before. The sound waves push the molecules throughout each brick of charcoal to move faster. It uses a third of charcoal as consumed by a regular barbecue.


6. Lucky Kvadrat

Lucky is constructed from a pure New Zealand wool yarn which is twisted and cabled, developed exclusively for this design. Hand-knotted by skilled craftsmen from northern India, Lucky is made by hanging loose yarns from a loop, then two by two the warp yarns are knotted together. Tactile and organic, this thick, warm and durable rug suits most floors and interior styles.


7. Wooden Tray Hasami Porcelain

Treat yourself and your loved ones to luxurious breakfasts in bed on these long summer mornings into the cold winter when you struggle to get up. Easily used to present beautiful platters or drinks at barbecues and dinner parties. Hasami Porcelain is characterised by simple, clean lines and an aesthetic that is highly modern and deeply seeded in Japanese pottery tradition.


8. Clerici Table Mattazzi

An elegant yet functional addition to any home, this table will allow you to have dinners filled with love and light surrounded by friends and family. The range includes seating variants such as a classical bench, an armchair and three-seater, with the option of upholstered versions. With an unpretentious aesthetic this is a table that will slot easily into
your life.


9. Quindici Chaise Chair Mattiazzi

Get in the last of the summer rays in style. The upholstery is perfect for an inside lounger and the wood finish beautiful for relaxing in the garden or on the deck. The chair comes in two styles: a simple, more upright lounge chair, and the more luxurious chaise longue version with an extra leg rest. With its plain, smooth surfaces of delicate, bright ash, both versions are stylistic statement pieces.


10. York Side Table Stainless Roshults

Perfect for storing the book your reading beside your bed or at the side of a sofa in your lounge. The simple style sitting easily into the aesthetic of your home, adding a modern industrial touch and the size and shape functional and moveable to wherever you may need it.


11. Folded Metal Bookends Everyday Needs

Pair of metal bookends in a simple, industrial design and power coated in modern colours. This folded shape is sturdy and protects your books whilst not cluttering your desk or bookshelf. Made in New Zealand. Available in 3 colours.


12. Vintage Soumak Cushion Vintage Mary Kelly Kilims

New cushion covers repurposed from vintage Soumak rugs. These special pieces are from a very beautiful, intricate carpet. Each cushion is carefully sourced from Turkey and has a contrast backing and a new inner. Each cushion is unique and that they have signs of their old lives as rug as many are worn and faded in some places, which only makes us love them more. One only available of each style.