7 Tips on How to Stay Calm and Look After your Spiritual Health

Here are 7 tips on how to stay calm and look after your spiritual health during Covid-19 from Helena Marie Tarot.

Spiritual Health Tip 1

By staying in a routine you can maintain a sense of purpose, plus stay motivated and inspired. Avoid long sleep ins and set your alarm clock at a reasonable hour to get up each day. Maintain a daily routine – breakfast, tasks, lunch, tasks, exercise, family time, work from home, dinner, and go to bed at a decent time to ensure you are well rested.


Spiritual Health Tip 2

Daily meditation will keep your mind alert, and it will help you stay in alignment, mind, body and soul. Simply lying down or sitting quietly for 5-15 mins a day, and listening to music or a meditation online, and focusing your intention on your energy and chakra system will help you to feel balanced and calm. Keep your thoughts positive, and instantly clear any negative thoughts.


Spiritual Health Tip 3

Sage or Aura Mist Sprays are a gentle way of cleansing and clearing your aura and environment. Sage is a cleansing agent along with water, fire, and charcoal. It aligns with your chakra energy system and it balances the energy in a room.


Spiritual Health Tip 4

Burning 100% natural essential oils and their fragrance is healing for mind, body and soul. There are many proven relaxation and therapeutic benefits from inhaling essential oils and several to choose from for any condition – stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression and more.


Spiritual Health Tip 5

Music carries an energetic sound vibration that will heighten your senses. Ideally listen to meditative or upbeat music rather than gloomy or unusually jarring music. If it sounds jarring or erratic, then that’s the impact it will have on you physically, emotionally, mentally and probably psychologically. So don’t un-do all of that good work!!


Spiritual Health Tip 6

Crystals in your home will help raise the energetic vibration and bring in more good energy and positive feelings. Crystals are minerals from the ground and have healing properties. Their purpose is  to negate negative energy, and cleanse your aura system, and your environment.


Spiritual Health Tip 7

Watching  inspirational content that makes you laugh or that gives you a pick-me-up is vital at this time! It’s probably not a good idea to obsess over covid-19 updates 24/7. Fill your mind and senses with people, places and things that make you smile.


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