A Beautiful Collaboration

A collection of Auckland artists have banded together to show support for the person they want overseeing the Arts District in the next term. For many of the artists who do not have the ability to vote directly, this is the next best thing. This has manifested as an online fundraising auction, pulled together by Art Ache. There are several galleries included in this activation, namely Melanie Roger Gallery, Whitespace and Two Rooms –  all female led galleries from within the constituency involved. The auction is live until Sunday 11th October – this Sunday! 

Art Ache
Art Ache
Art Ache

“The art world produces some of its best work during times of massive change and tension. This activation – full of cultural heavyweights – is no different, with artworks being created that are symbolic, moving and unusual.”
– Aimée Ralfini, Art Ache Director.

Billy Apple, easily one of New Zealand’s most prolific artists, makes a very clear statement with the work “Green Apple for Chlöe” – This is what contemporary art activation looks like in a historically significant context. This work is certainly one for the history books.

A new series that has arisen through this activation is between artists Andrew McLeod and Great Anderson,with only six in the series of large format photographs by Anderson, painted over by McLeod these works are the first collaboration between the two artists and are extremely rare.

Another interesting political series is by artist Hayley Theyres, who has created animals out of Marijuana buds and children’s toys. The messaging here is clear.

There is something for everyone in this auction, with works ranging from the coveted early Bamboo lithographs of Stanley Palmer, a painting by his son Matt Palmer, jewellery by Zora Bell Boyd, photographic works from Walters Prize nominees Joyce Campbell and Nathan Pohio, Floral artworks by Ann Shelton and Emma Bass, a collage from Gavin Hurley, even a handkerchief by Craig Hilton!

Please help us support the future of Auckland Centrals arts district and these artists and take a moment to check out the auction site.