A Day In The Life of Jenny Drury | Founder of Ketz-ke and LEO+BE

Marking a milestone only few New Zealand labels can boast, Ketz-ke is celebrating its 15th year in business in 2020. After spying a gap in the Australasian market, founder Jenny Drury dreamt up Ketz-ke with a mission to offer boutique streetwear with feminine styling and a distinctive creative edge.


After quickly developing an avid fan base that delighted in the fantastic fits, lively prints and unique perspective, 15 years later the brand is now stocked in 91 doors throughout New Zealand, 20 in Australia and is available online at www.ketz-ke.com


Founder Jenny Drury fills us in on a day in her life running the business from home and what it’s like to be celebrating Ketz-ke’s 15th birthday in lockdown.


6.30 am: I have always been an early riser so even in this lockdown period I still continue to be the first up in our house around 6.30am – 7am. I’m very much a morning exerciser so I usually throw on my active gear and running shoes and do some sort of exercise…running around Lake Pupuke, doing sets of stairs or workout videos. Although some days I have been known to be in my activewear all day and do absolutely no exercise at all!!!


9am: Coffee comes next. I have a great coffee machine so this has been my godsend since lockdown. I usually head downstairs to my office with a bowl of cereal and fruit, or toast and avocado and start reading through my work emails, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram to see what’s happening and check in with our customers. Then it’s on to the many varied things a day at Ketz-Ke HQ can hold – from design to sample checking, mini social media photoshoots and everything in between every single day is different and exciting!

Ketz-ke Gleeful Top & Ketz-ke Sublime Pant

10am: Every single working day at Ketz-Ke HQ for the last 15 years we have had coffee and slice for morning tea. As some of you may know, I love baking and do it about 2-3 times a week. They are not huge pieces we consume but it’s just a nice sweet morning treat and a great way to take a minute out of busy days to catch up with the team – we’re doing this digitally during lockdown! 


6pm: If family basketball in the driveaway isn’t on the agenda it’s WINE TIME!!! My favourite way to end the day. I had big intentions of doing what Simone Anderson does and tidying one room of the house each day over the lockdown period but alas! I have put a bit of order into my walk-in wardrobe but that’s about as far as it has gone. I tend to bake at night as well while preparing dinner. All my slices are super easy and it’s like therapy for me. Some people like to garden, I like to bake.


8pm: I usually chat to friends this time of night on the phone or head back down to my office and reply to a few emails. As China is 5 hours behind it’s great if I can answer questions from suppliers and makers on the same day as it speeds up the production process. We’re working on new collections for Ketz-Ke and LEO + BE during this lockdown period so for us it hasn’t really stopped except the phone doesn’t ring as much and I talk to the team via video conference calls instead of having them in the office here beside me.