A Day in the Life of Josef Rakich

With a combined social media following of over four million, fitness influencer Josef Rakich has carved a name for himself as one of the top online personal trainers in the world. Selling personalised meal plans and workout programs, a range of supplements, and merchandise, Josef shares what the day-to-day running of his global fitness empire looks like.



I start my day early to prepare for a 6 am breakfast. I currently follow a 4,000 calorie per day meal plan, and while I change it up often, my breakfast is usually Pro-Oats. A combination of protein powder, dry oats, a little bit of water, and frozen berries.



I get to work as I eat breakfast. I answer emails and post content on Snapchat, Instagram, and Youtube. I like to get all my social media content out of the way before I hit the gym because I know many of my followers will be checking out my social media channels in the morning.



I have my second meal of the day as I finish off some work. It’s usually steak and sweet potato, which I buy preprepared from MuscleChow, so I pop it in the microwave, and I’m good to go!



By 10am, I’m at the gym. My routine always changes, but it’s always three muscle groups per workout, for example: chest, triceps, and abs. During training, I’m either filming for YouTube, or my Snapchat and Instagram story.



After the gym, I work either from my fiancée, Maryam’s house, my own home, or the office. I check into the office once or twice a week for meetings and to catch up with everyone. I work on putting together the content we just filmed for Instagram. I take my time making sure it’s content my followers will enjoy and benefit from. It’s also time to eat again! It’s usually protein and a carbohydrate source like chicken and rice.

Josef and Maryam



I eat my fourth meal of the day and spend some quality, phone-free time with Maryam.



Usually, Maryam and I will enjoy quality time and make dinner together, but the evenings have been hectic lately, and there’s always something on. When I go out for dinner, I get lean meat and veggies. I never get carbohydrates because they vary so much, and they’re impossible to track.



After dinner, I plan for the next day. I’ll plan which videos I’m filming in the gym and how I need to prepare.

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