A Day In The Life Of Melanie Faure

Melanie Faure is the co-founder of company LAPF CARES. Perhaps you remember Melanie, she was the first Verve Instagram Queen a few years ago. Melanie and Juvan have recently developed a unique concept of dog assisted therapy through video conference. Everyone can benefit from this online therapy, even people who are allergic to dog hair or situated miles away. They operate internationally and donate 5% of their fees to local and international charities. 

Melanie Gabrielle


Our fur babies wake us up for some cuddles and then we prepare their royal breakfast. Juvan then prepares a farm breakfast with some organic moringa, ginger and lemongrass tea. We start our day with a grateful heart and enjoy the little moments with each other.


We then embark on our long journey to our office which is 10 metres away from our kitchen. We check our emails and I post on social media. Next on our agenda is planning our day, scheduling to meet new clients and checking next week’s bookings for online therapy. What a fun day, friyay!


Did you hear the bell? It’s time to take a little break to train and play with our dogs again. Have you ever heard of dog dancing? Gabrielle, our Bernese mountain dog and I have started to practise together.

Juvan & Melanie Gabrielle


Who’s cooking lunch? We both love to cook together and try new recipes. Seafood from our local coast is delicious and our favourite by far is homemade sushi or prawn salad.


We normally have some private video calls where Zorro and Gabrielle are meeting some wonderful families from France, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. Right now, they are doing their happy dance and can’t wait to put a smile on peoples faces.


It is time for the last important call of the day for an exciting upcoming project. We have teamed up with other key speakers and we will soon be presenting our personal branding course at conferences across South Africa.


Yay, we are off for the weekend! It is time to get ready for our Cuban salsa class and our date night. I shall change my clothes, wear a fancy dress, put some makeup on and keep smiling. See you next week guys and take care!

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