Advice on Social Media with Kris Lal | Curatorsocial

Kris Lal and his team at Curatorsocial can make you shine on social media with their expertise. Kris advises businesses on how to stay prepared and composed during this difficult time.


Name some practical things businesses can do to prepare for post-lockdown trade on socials?

Definitely prepare, pre-plan and schedule posts and content for the next few months ahead. These are uncertain times, and one thing we’ve implemented for our clients is banking content for the future which has been invaluable during this lockdown especially.


Furthermore, where time permits, it’s the perfect opportunity to get lost in the wonderful world of YouTube which has a wealth of knowledge and information on social media. Algorithms, consumer behaviour and market trends are experiencing a major shift right now, you’ll be surprised at some of the small adjustments you can make which will create a huge impact to your overall success on socials.


For those that are fairly new to social media, or who are unsure of where to begin, here’s a great video (that’s stood the test of time), via Buffer, that breaks down the basics and will give you some insight as in where to start.



Should businesses be talking about COVID-19 via their socials right now, and what should they be saying?

Businesses should definitely share their experiences with their audience and be as authentic as possible as a rule. However, this is on the proviso that we are being responsible when sharing, educating or voicing our opinions . Facts are key and ensure you’re redirecting your audience to valid sources of information and advice. Be the expert you are at what you do and above all be empathetic, open and kind during these trying times.


Is it the right time to reach out to potential customers?

Yes absolutely, but with the correct tone.  Right now, a great idea would be to reach out to your existing and potential client base with useful information, an offer of support, or to simply entertain them. Here’s a great article I read on Aura QUE in the UK who switched up their business model and approach towards socials to offset losses they experienced during the downturn:


The key takeaway is that we need to listen and understand how our customers’ needs have changed during this epidemic before we even consider prospecting and pitching. Avoid sounding ‘salesy’, and instead focus on simple gestures: “How can I help you?” “How is business for you?” and “What are you doing right now to work through this?” are excellent places to start. Above all be genuine, we’re dealing with people’s livelihoods during unprecedented times.


What are some sales strategies you can suggest via social media that are easy to implement?
  • Create post-lockdown specials for your existing customer base as a thank-you for sticking by you, offer them a pre-purchase deal at a discounted rate OR a gift with purchase etc. You know your business best and what works for your customers in this case.
  • Create a friends and family discount for staff members and stakeholders post-Covid-19 and encourage them to follow and support you, encourage them to share this on their socials where applicable.
  • Learn about growth hacks and GROW your social media profiles so that you’re attracting people to your business BEFORE you need to sell to them. We attracted over 20k followers with hundreds of product enquiries for BEFORE launch based on this method alone.
  • Establish a solid referral programme, there will be a lot of bloggers and influencers who will also be looking for ways to supplement their income and have captive audiences ready to market to. Shopify offers a range of add on apps for free that can get you started on this right away.


How is Curator Social preparing for post Covid-19 trade?

K: We’ve spent a few weeks looking at the market and we’ve seen a huge need and gap in the market for audience acquisition . With that being said, we are on the brink of launching an exciting , growth offering which will potentially see our clients grow their audiences by thousands of followers/customers within weeks . More importantly  to note is that we’re happy to help in any way we can, these are trying times and I know how hard Kiwi business owners are working for us to keep our nation going, people employed, and the business community thriving. Sending our best to the Verve community.


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