Aleph Beauty Founder, Emma Peters

All Natural with Aleph Beauty

Auckland-based professional and natural makeup artist Emma Peters has been pioneering the use of natural cosmetics for the last 20 years. With her holistic approach to beauty, Peters founded Aleph Beauty, a conscious cosmetics brand that is aware and considerate of impact on people, planet and animals.


The boutique and multi-functional makeup collection, developed using only the purest, naturally-sourced ingredients comprises four products; Aleph Beauty Concealer/Foundation ($60), Cheek/Lip Tint $55), Radiance ($50) and Vegan Diffuser Brush ($59).


The Concealer/Foundation, available in four shades contains self-adjusting properties designed to suit most skin tones. This multi-use, long-wearing but lightweight product is designed to use as a full-coverage concealer, a medium coverage foundation, and a light veil making it the most versatile natural makeup.

The Cheek/Lip Tints have been expertly crafted to suit all skin tones. The five shades can be worn sheer for a soft glow of colour on the cheeks or intensely layered on the lips for an ultra-moisturising pop of colour.


The two Radiance shades are the perfect alchemy to transform your makeup. Opt for an ethereal glow when mixed with your Concealer/Foundation prior to application, glossy, glowing eyelids when used as an eyeshadow, a transformative iridescence when applied to the lips or over a lip colour, and the perfect highlighter when applied to the high points of the face.


The Vegan Diffuser Brush is perfectly paired with Aleph Beauty product pots and achieves a professional, diffused application of foundation and flawless cheeks with one universal brush. The vegan bristles are designed to work just like animal hair but are hypoallergenic and far less likely to harbour bacteria.


The Aleph Beauty collection is formulated with ingredients that support skin health by improving cell metabolism, and promoting elasticity and suppleness by reducing the enzymes that breakdown collagen and elastin.


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