Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you couldn’t have missed the beauty industry’s shift to more natural and ethical products. And the latest big thing to hit New Zealand’s shelves is no exception.


It’s called the pink clay mask, brought to us by Australian skincare company Alya Skin. We had a chat to co-owner Manny about the brand, the masks, and why she’s so passionate about bringing good quality skincare products to everyone.


Alya Skin is just launching on the NZ market, so is still relatively unknown, how would you describe your brand in three words?

Heavenly, beautiful, and skin. Funnily enough, that is the meaning of ‘Alya Skin’. It’s the ethos we wish to promote and achieve through the launch of our new products.

We want all of our current and upcoming products to literally make your skin feel heavenly and beautiful.


Why did you decide to launch a skincare range?

I do have a background in the beauty industry—my first ever business in this industry was teeth whitening.

We saw a good opportunity in skincare after seeing a gap in the market for high quality products for 16-30 year olds that actually worked well. We want people to fall in love with our brand and our products.

We also noticed that clay masks in particular were starting to really take off, especially on social media. We knew there was a gap in the market for a rose scented pink clay mask that was long lasting. We also wanted our product to leave your skin feeling moisturised after use—instead of dry like a lot of other clay masks do.


What makes the Australia Pink Clay Mask so unique?

The way we formulate the product is unique. Our mask has a very different texture to a lot of other similar masks on the market. Ours is also rose scented which we haven’t really been able to find in terms of what competitors are doing.

One of the main differences with our mask is that it is suitable for sensitive skin, and leaves your skin feeling baby soft and moisturised after use. A lot of other clay masks can leave your skin dry after use—that is the last thing we want and we wanted to ensure we made a mask that catered for everyone.


How does it work and what kind of results does the clay produce?

Pink clay is an anti-inflammatory clay, which helps reduce redness and pigmentation from your skin. The aloe vera and pomegranate in the mask reduce redness and also act to soften and give your skin a ‘baby bum’ feeling after you wash the mask off. Literally, your skin feels so soft after using it!

The mask also draws out toxins and pollutants from your skin’s surface—this in turn speeds up the acne healing process. We have a lot of customers tell us we have literally cured their acne— it’s an amazing feeling!



What target audience are you trying to reach with Alya Skin?

Our mask is suitable for everything. If you want baby bum soft clean skin, this mask is for you. If you have sensitive skin or eczema you can also use our mask. Our target audience is between 16-30 years of age—but in saying that, we have a lot of older females who use our mask.


Are there any other things that make Alya Skincare unique, other than the clay itself?

What makes us most unique is that we really do live and breathe the actual meaning of Alya Skin—heavenly, beautiful skin. We will not launch any products unless we have had it tested by hundreds of people. We want every single Alya product to work well and ensure that all our customers are 100% happy with the results. The customer comes first.

We also feel strongly about protecting animals and have committed to being an animal cruelty free organisation.

Our upcoming products which we have been working on for the past six months are currently in the final stages of research and development which is very exciting. They’re completely unique and we can’t wait to show them to the public.


What kind of feedback are you getting from customers?

The feedback has been mind-blowing—we’ve already we had over 300 five-star reviews online. We get the odd one- or two-star review here and there, but that is only because of delays in shipping times for certain countries which we are working on fixing!

But in all honesty, the feedback has been absolutely amazing and we are extremely happy to be helping people with their skin issues.


Where to next, What dreams do you have for your business?

The sky is the limit for Alya. We want to be sold in every large retailer globally and to have a full range of 10-plus products that work amazingly.

We are well on our way, and we are excited for the journey that lies ahead.


Finally, where can New Zealanders buy the mask?

The mask is available in Life Pharmacies and Unichem Pharmacies, as well as online. We also ship online for free from our website alyaskin.com


Words: Georgina Shearsby-Roberts