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Apply Makeup Like a Pro!

Verve was recently invited to The Makeup School in Ponsonby to attend their exciting new 40+ Makeup Masterclass. This two-hour evening class has been designed for women who want to learn more about makeup and modernise their look, in an informal relaxed setting. 


We asked directors of The Makeup School, Dianne Ensor and Gabrielle Jones, what the inspiration was for getting this off the ground and what else they were offering in their stylish studios for 2019.



We listen to requests from people in order to create new courses that will be relevant and fun, which is actually how the 40+ Masterclass and our (about to launch) four-week ‘Learn How To Apply Your Makeup’ evening course came about. Every time I was out I was asked if I could suggest some tips for makeup.  I would say a lot of women have never really been taught how to apply makeup and most are still doing the same makeup they did 20 years ago or more. It can be terrifying for a lot of women to know where to start, especially with so much product saturation in the marketplace. As our lives seem to become increasingly busy, all we really want is a handful of key products and tips on how to use them in order to be the best version of ourselves in the most time-efficient way. 


Our Ponsonby studio is a busy hub day and night and such a uplifting environment. We run our very popular full-time diploma in film, TV and fashion makeup during the day, and we love nurturing all our students while preparing to send them out into the industry.



Both Gabrielle and I still work in the film industry so feel the importance of passing on our industry knowledge to the next generation of makeup artists. Seeing graduates head out into the industry is so rewarding. It’s even better when we go the full circle, training them, then employing them on our own film jobs. We appreciate this is a unique situation to our school and hope they know how lucky they are!


Our evening classes attracts lots of people racing in from work, to do an ‘Intro to Makeup’ evening course, using it as a taster before deciding if this is the career for them. Weekends we have our fabulous fashion and beauty certificate students who are focusing on the beauty and fashion industries and keen to work for makeup brands like MAC, Mecca Cosmetica and Bobbi Brown, or get into the wedding or magazine industries.


When the school holidays come around we welcome lots of enthusiastic, makeup-crazy teens who do our Teenage Workshops. We can pretty much guarantee we will be seeing some of these faces back at our studio full-time when they leave school!



The Makeup School are enrolling for 2019 courses.
Check out all course options at or call 09 376 6660