At Home With Verve

In light of recent, significant changes to New Zealand’s wider media landscape, we have been approached by a few members of our community for clarification on where Verve stands as we face the challenges of Covid-19.


Despite our temporary move to a digital-only format, Verve is and always will be a print publication. And while our online platform is more dynamic and engaging than ever before, we have every intention of returning to print as soon as it is safe and tenable for us to do so.


We will be sure to let you know when our first issue (post-crisis) is set to come out, but until then, we will be delivering all the compelling content you’ve come to expect from us via our At Home with Verve EDM — landing in your inboxes every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. To subscribe, click here.


Whether you’re still selling ‘essential’ items or services, would like to highlight your business’ future plans, offer virtual gallery tours or online retail experiences or simply keep in touch with the Verve readership, we are still operating as usual, and look forward to helping with any advertising or promotion needed. For all advertising and other enquiries related to At Home with Verve and it’s content, please contact us directly by email, here.


Navigating this crisis with you has reminded us how truly grateful we are for your continued support. The Verve community is a close-knit one, and together, we will emerge from this stronger than before.


In the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Sending love,

Fran & Jude.