Blocking Out Blue Light with Karen Walker

In this day and age, we are surrounded by various gadgets and gizmos that emit blue light; a harsh light that can damage our overall eye health and our sleeping patterns. We were getting plenty of blue light before modern digital life began, as most of it came from the sun, but it has implemented itself into our society today through the screens of our phones, laptops and tablets.


Our devices emit a brighter, shorter-wavelength (more bluish) light that when viewed for long periods of time at night, can disrupt the body clock.


To combat this, blue light glasses have come into fruition to reduce eyestrain, and Karen Walker’s new range of eyewear have blue light lenses in stylish frames that will suit anyone.


Whether you’re in an office, working from home, or at any job that requires long hours in front of a device, Karen Walker’s blue light glasses are the stylish solution for your tired eyes.


The design of the glasses feature an ‘Alternative Fit’ which means that the nose ridge is elevated for a more comfortable, universal fit. This universal fit combined with the blue light filtering lenses is something quite unique to Karen Walker.


These glasses can be worn with or without prescription lenses, so there’s a pair to suit everyone’s eyewear needs. Wearing blue light glasses will help your eyes in the long run, so why not give them a try.


To find a style that suits you please visit karenwalker.com


Words: Nadia Klaassen