Channel Your Inner Magician with Helena Marie Tarot

The tarot card to accompany Aries season (20 March-21 April) is the magician, known as Hermes Mercury. Earlier tarot decks portrayed the magician as male, until more modern decks progressed to strong women.

The magician is the first major arcana card, (arcana meaning secrets to be revealed from the tarot). The magician embodies a physical aspect of our spiritual self.


The appearance of the magician signifies a powerful energetic vibrational change towards manifestation. Channel the energy of the magician to nail that job interview, launch a new business, find new love, and increase financial prospects.


Use your magic wand, and draw down the universal energy from the heavens, and let it flow through you to manifest what you desire on earth. By skilfully using all of the tarot symbols — pentacles (wealth), cups (emotional strength), swords (truth and challenge), and wands (action, decisions) — Hermes Mercury possesses unwavering focus. Above the head is the infinity symbol, signifying potent power as ‘always and forever’.


People may gravitate towards your natural charm, and your skills of persuasion will create magic. The magician does not wait for anyone — they harness their personal power to create the change they want. Illuminated in a flowing red cape, the yellow aura colour in the background portrays optimism, hope and the sun shining bright on all endeavours.


Tarot meaning: Concentration. Set your intention. Listen to your inner voice. You possess all the skills, capability and knowledge to achieve your goals. Be aware of your unique talents.


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