Our Second Spring

Traditional Chinese medicine tells us that when a woman reaches menopause she is entering her ‘second spring’.


The term stems from the value Chinese culture places on mature women – the respect and reverence held for their life experience and wisdom. Conversely, Western culture can be less than honouring of the changes that occur during ‘the meno years’.


A woman goes through massive physiological changes in her forties and fifties. Just like puberty and pregnancy this life period is a time of hormonal fluctuations. Changes, such as a short fuse, sleeplessness, brain fog, night sweats, anxiety, hot flushes and depression, generally begin making their presence felt in our fourties. Many of us don’t notice them creep up and, if we do, may wonder if we’re going a bit la-la. Others prefer to stay firmly in the land of denial.


Jayne Kiely is a vibrant example of second spring. The former athlete turned TV presenter represented New Zealand in long jump at two Commonwealth Games before gracing our screen in series such as Mountain Dew On The Edge and Mitre 10 Dream Home. Jayne again switched careers at 50 going into real estate after years of renovating homes with her pilot husband, Paul.


The mother of two sons, Tom, 19, and Jack, 17, Jayne finds it liberating that her family is becoming more self-reliant. “Age has never bothered me, I think it’s more of an attitude,” she says. “I have noticed some changes. My waist has thickened and I’ve experienced hot flushes – it was while I was working so I closed my eyes and hoped nobody noticed!”


Enter biochemist and physiologist, Peter Lehrke, who heads up Meno-Me®, a company with the tagline ‘The Change Of Life Can Be The Time of Your Life®.’


“While at a trade fair in Hong Kong, I met Dr Jae Kim who was presenting EstroG-100™, a herbal menopause supplement he’d developed. I was intrigued because it balances fluctuating hormones using three herbs that have been used in Asian cooking for centuries,” says Peter. “He talked about how safe it was, how it was the only product in its category in Canada that required no warning labels and it had two gold standard clinical trials that showed its efficacy. It was so outstanding I brought it to New Zealand.”


“I’ve been taking EstroG-100™ for a while now and my flushes have stabilised, I love that it’s all natural,” says Jayne. “I’m also using Meno-Me®’s new product, Shake It Off®, a nutritional powder Peter’s formulated. I’m not taking it to lose weight – though it’s great for weight management – I’m taking it as a multi-vitamin.”


Jayne credits her slim body to her athletic background, but she’s quick to point out she eats healthy food. Stops at the drive-through are not on her agenda and if she does notice she’s gaining weight she cuts out processed food.


While the East celebrates the wisdom and grace of a woman as she grows older, there are a group of women in the West who are silently suffering, hence the birth of Meno-Me®.

EstroG-100™ Herbal Blend

EstroG-100™ is made from three herbal roots:

• Cynanchum wilfordii (climbing vines)

• Phlomis umbrosa (sage-like herbs)

• Angelica gigas Nakai (a perennial used in food, medicine and as a flavouring)


The Stages of Menopause*

Perimenopause –  45-49: the lead up to menopause when hormones can fluctuate wildly, periods are still occurring.

Menopause – 45-55: this is a time when the final period occurs. The paradox is women can’t pinpoint their final period until they haven’t had one for a year.

Postmenopause – 55+: symptoms start to subside as a result of hormonal levels stabilising.

* Symptoms can last anywhere from 2-19 years with an average of five years.


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