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“I couldn’t recommend Squirrel Money enough”

Summer’s almost here and that means the start of long weekends filled with summer events like weddings, festivals and barbecues. And for those of you planning to get away from the daily grind for a holiday as well, it can all start to add up in the money department.

If you’re looking to get your finances sorted in time for a fantastic summer but don’t want to pay high interest rates on credit cards or a loan, consider Squirrel Money. We’re a community-based peer-to-peer lending service. We use funding from people who are keen to invest some of their savings and lend it out to people who want to borrow.


“I can’t fault this company. From very first contact to repaying my loan off early, the customer service was excellent. Fast answers and a very transparent process. I’d highly recommend Squirrel Money to anyone. Thanks guys!” Karolyn Day, Squirrel Money member


With Squirrel Money, you can borrow up to $70,000 so you can start off your summer on the right foot. That should be more than enough to pay off any outstanding bills or credit cards you’ve got hanging around. Our members borrow money for all sorts of things like home improvements, weddings or simply combining other debts into one easy payment. The result is that our members get much lower interest rates than they can via other channels because there are no fat cats skimming off their share in the middle. It’s like Uber, but for money.


“The online system is so user friendly and the customer service is impeccable. I have dealt mainly with Charles – he is excellent at his job and has made the whole process nothing but easy. No other bank/peer to peer lender I have dealt with comes close to Squirrel right from customer service to interest rates. You just don’t get better than Squirrel! Thank you!” Anneke Steenkamp, Squirrel Money member


As a Squirrel Money member, you can pay back the full amount of your loan whenever you like with no penalties.


The entire application process can be done online in minutes. Our loan amounts and terms are flexible and you’ll be treated like a person, not a number.


For those of you with good credit history, we’re pretty certain you won’t find better rates from any of the banks in New Zealand.*


“I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Squirrel Money. The application process was quick and easy. I received a surprisingly quick response — not just an automated response either! A personalised email from Squirrel Money staff. I had my loan almost instantly with a very competitive interest rate. If you are fed up with banks, feeling like just another number with very unpersonalised service and high interest rates, like I was — I highly recommend Squirrel Money!” Nellie Ison, Squirrel Money member


We’re often told our service must be too good to be true. But we’re completely transparent about where your loan is coming from and where the interest payments are going, so you can see how it all breaks down. Most importantly, you’ll see why we’re able to offer such great rates to our members. So why not take a look for yourself?

Find out more online at

*Squirrel Money rates compared with advertised unsecured personal loan rates from the main banks.