Maggie Hewitt, Photo: Angela Datre

Day in the Life of Fashion Designer, Maggie Hewitt


I am an early riser, about 6:00 AM, as I like to get a head start on the day. I have a quick shower, pop on a red lip and I’m up and on my way to the studio.


I arrive at the studio with Honey my miniature daschund, have my first coffee of the day and start working through my emails. The morning is my favourite part of the day as it’s peaceful and quiet and I can get a head start before my team arrive into the office. Rod, my patternmaker, arrives around this time too, so we catch up and work on any current construction of new garments.




No two days are the same for me, but usually by 9:00 AM my team have all arrived and we will have a weekly meeting and catch up on projects or what we are working towards. Planning and collaborating as a team is essential for how we operate.



This is when I fit in my weekly calls with my sales team or my New York-based PR.



I usually have quite a late lunch, as the day always seems to get away on me. I sit outside around the picnic table with my team enjoying the sun. My go-to is sushi from next door and another coffee. We are lucky enough to get the most generous fruit baskets from That Fruit Shop in Onehunga which we love to share over lunch as a team.



During a new season I have a fit meeting with my production team where we go through adjustments and any final changes on new designs. For each garment, we discuss the fit and size and ensure every garment is  fitting perfectly before it is approved to be cut and made.



This is my favourite part of the day. I work  with Olive my design assistant to go through new season colours, designs and fabrics. We mood board and discuss designs and colour pallets for the new season. Usually we go up to Kerikeri to do most of the designing as being up North is where I can draw inspiration and completely focus. Then week by week we build on these ideas, and look at new innovative fabrics that we’d like to work with.



I am lucky enough to live with one of my best friends Caroline, who is an incredible cook and makes the most divine meals for my partner Isaac and I.



Winding down for me before I go to sleep includes listening to one of my favourite new podcasts called How I Built This by Guy Raz, watching Netflix or reading Business of Fashion articles.