Double Happy keeping kids warm over winter

Double Happy is back for a third year to help school kids stay warm during the cold winter months. The Auckland based Double Happy has a wear one share one model, where for every hoodie and sweatshirt purchased, they share a warm and cozy one with a child in need.

According to Paulette Cotter, one half of the sister duo Double Happy, they came up with the idea after talking to school principals in low decile schools.

“Principals told us about the hidden issue of sickness and absenteeism, and that a lack of warm clothing caused health issues and impacted on attendance.

“It was a heartbreakingly simple need: warm clothing for children to wear in winter. They had kids coming to school wearing only t-shirt and shorts, even on the coldest days. They were also many children not coming to school at all because of illnesses and lack of warm clothing.”

For principals and children, it’s a win win situation. For many of the children gifted the unbranded hoodies, it is the first new piece of clothing they’ve ever owned.

“We’ve had some great feedback from principals, kids bursting with pride at having their own, high-quality, hoodies. For some, it’s the first time they’ve owned something that’s not a hand-me-down. While for others it’s the only piece of warm clothing that they have.”

“They have also told us how that extra layer in winter is helping children stay warm, healthy and attending school,” says Cotter.

This year Double Happy has once again collaborated with local street artists Component and iThink who have provided a very simple yet cool design on sweatshirts and hoodies for children and adults.

Double Happy operates as a not for profit, with all proceeds going directly to benefit children. Double Happy kid’s hoodies are priced at $49.95 and adult crew sweaters are priced at $65.00.

Every order buys TWO: one for you and one for a child in need. The hoodies are NZ designed, ethically made, and hardwearing in 65% cotton, 35% polyester anti-pill fleece.

If you don’t need a hoodie or a sweater but would still love to help, you can order a Double Happy Double-Up, and they will gift TWO hoodies to kids in need.

Order online at www.doublehappykids.co.nz