Cody Black
Cody Black

Dreaming Never Looked This Good. The lowdown on Istria County

Taking an overseas holiday may not yet be on our cards but it does not stop us from making plans. One place you should be dreaming of this year is Istria County. With a rich history fraught with many rulers, this romantic, historic, mostly medieval, part of our world is a place you must visit. With a climate similar to Italy made up of a mix of seaside locations and hilltop fortress-like towns, Istria County has a lot to offer. We have eight of the most beautiful towns you WILL want to visit.


The historic centre of Istria County and the largest town in the area, Pula is the perfect place to get a feel for what this part of the world has to offer. With Roman influence playing a big part in the creation of this town, the city even has its own amphitheatre (the sixth largest in the world), you will love this picturesque city. 


Head into the centre of the area to a town in the hills (this is literally what its name means). Renowned for its wine and its truffles, this is foodies’ heaven. Head into the Motovun Forest surrounding the city, it is the last preserved lowland Mediterranean autochthonous forest, to find the elusive truffle. 


Known as the smallest city in the world, this idyllic town of about 30 residents is worth a few hours of your time. Explore the small streets, hear the myths and legends and explore a history that is so well preserved that you will feel like you have gone back in time. 


If you need to get away from the tourists but love the seaside, Vrsar is the next best thing to Porec. A small fishing town known for its views and sunsets, spend the day exploring and in the evening dine in one if it’s many restaurants enjoying the view as the sun goes down. 

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Porec is a popular summer resort located along the Istria coastline, this town will have you dreaming of summer days, cocktails and fishing. For a bit of adventure seek out the Baredine Cave a 40-minute adventure underground where you get to explore five beautifully decorated chambers and an underground lake. This natural marvel is only rivalled by the views and beauty that can be seen above. 


We all need a bit of romance in our life and why not share a romantic evening in a region where the language itself is known as the language of romance. Rovinji is a fishing port where one can step amongst the tangle of streets and buildings that wind their way to the cities hilltop church. Stroll along the harbour, check out the old town and end the day by climbing the bell tower of 192 stairs for a view of the entire city and its signature red roofs. 


Vodnjan is a town that should not be overlooked as it contains something truly unique: mummies (the preserved bodies of saints). Located inside St Blaise Church, this place is for those wanting a bit of history. Not only will you find the Vodnjan mummies in this historic town but a collection of relics and the largest collection of sacral art.


This small town of Grisignana with a population of less than 1,000 is well known for one thing: art! This town is dominated by artists, with over 30 public galleries this is the perfect place to obtain a souvenir that will make remembering the true beauty of Istria County easy.