Feng Shui & Space Clearing

Creating vitality, harmony, and balance in living and working environments with the ancient knowledge and techniques of feng shui and space clearing.

Feng shui, which means ‘wind and water’, bridges the unseen world of chi (energy) with the visible world of form by harnessing auspicious energy in buildings and the environment.


As knowledge of feng shui emerged from Asia, a quickening developed, and thus it became a valued way to balance and enhance home and business interiors as well as structural design across the world.


And as awareness of how energy can inhibit or enhance our environment grew, other ancient practices surged in popularity such as the ceremonial art of space clearing. Being very complementary to feng shui, it deals directly with clearing, revitalising, and refreshing stagnant, drained and stale energy within buildings.


The all familiar saying ‘you can cut the atmosphere with a knife’ is the response to feeling or sensing a room filled with tension, and most people are sensitive to the energy around them whether consciously or otherwise. As the lawyer says in the charming Australian movie, The Castle, “It’s all about the vibe.” (And indeed, feng shui can minimise the sha, or negative energy, coming toward a home built near an airport.) 


As both feng shui and space clearing deal directly with the quality of energy through their safe and simple techniques, they can balance, harmonise and rejuvenate the atmosphere, thus encouraging a sense of wellbeing, increased inspiration, motivation, and creative success.


Leah trained as a feng shui consultant and space clearing practitioner in 2001. She has undertaken consultations for all kinds of properties, including restaurants, retail premises, apartments, prospective house purchases, and new housing plans. Leah offers online and in-person consultations. To discuss your requirements for home or business, or for a consultation, you can contact Leah on 027 312 1014, email: info@lovebloom.co.nz or visit: lovebloom.co.nz