Kinnell & Posch

Function and Proportion Meet Harmony and Simplicity | Kinnell & Posch

The attitude at Kinnell & Posch, a locally operated furniture design retail business, stems from beliefs which blend and flow from modern, well proportioned, functional elements underlined by principles of harmony and simplicity.


With founding partners from Sweden and New Zealand, they take sustainability and buying NZ made seriously.


We chatted to the founders about the current trends in outdoor living.


What trends are you seeing in furniture design and outdoor living from a global perspective?

As the distinction between indoor and outdoor furniture becomes blurred, large, comfortable outdoor settings are fast becoming more in demand. Natural cane and rattan furniture is also very popular right now.


Any furniture design trends you’re tired of?

Anything that involves plastic. Resin or faux wicker furniture is a great example of this as it is made from polyethylene, the most common form of plastic in use today.


What’s your advice for those looking to restyle their outdoor living area?

It is better to buy well designed, high quality outdoor furniture which has been lovingly made from raw, natural materials for you to fall in love with, admire and enjoy over many years of use. It’s an investment in your home life, and buying local is an investment in the environment and the economy. / Home Ideas: 165 The Strand, Parnell