No.17 Colour Clouds
Colour photograph showing the light interference patterns and colours in soap bubble structures. This image is from the 'Colour Clouds' 2018 series by artist and photographer Kym Cox.

International Exhibition Brings the Art of Science to Life at MOTAT

The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) has secured the rights to present the Royal Photographic Society’s prestigious international Science Photographer of the Year exhibition.


The exhibition is an attractive invitation for photography aficionados, science enthusiasts and the general public alike with images that cover every aspect of scientific endeavour imaginable.


The images on display cover every aspect of scientific endeavour imaginable. Discover the beauty of raspberry mould, see eye-to-eye with a confused flour beetle, and get up close to the 500-year-old skull of King Richard III, tyrannical monarch of old but now fondly known as the ‘Carpark King’!


Mary Anne Chilton, Upside Down Jellyfish
Mary Anne Chilton, Upside Down Jellyfish


“We have selected 47 incredible photographs to share with New Zealand audiences. Yes, they’re fascinating scientific studies, but they are also powerful artistic statements too,” explains MOTAT’s senior exhibitions curator, Simon Gould.


“I think the emotion they invoke will take visitors by surprise. Every day during lockdown, every time the pandemic was mentioned we have been reminded that science is all around us.


“And these photographs communicate the power of science with such amazing force, we know this exhibition will be a very special, inspiring occasion for both adults and families.”


The annual international competition has just two entry categories; photographers aged over 18 years and the under-18 youth category.


Visitors will immediately appreciate the highly technical nature behind many of the images but it’s also worth noting that several entries, including the top award-winning photo for the youth category were shot using just a smartphone.


“We have carefully curated a range of images that we felt would resonate with our Kiwi visitors and our New Zealand aesthetic. But this is a global competition, so it’s certainly our hope that after visiting MOTAT there will be many Kiwis wanting to enter this prestigious competition in 2020 and beyond. There’s no lack of talent here, artistic or scientific!”


The Royal Photographic Society’s Science Photographer of the Year exhibition is now showing  at MOTAT’s Great North Rd site.


Visit motat.nz for more information.