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Introducing David Baker of Bakers-Builds

David Baker is on a mission. To deliver house builds and renovations that offer top-quality workmanship and outstanding value.



Like so many industries the building business has gone through a myriad of changes in recent years, not all of them good according to David Baker owner of Bakers-Builds. “There are some great builders out there, but there are also a lot of cheap, less than quality jobs being done,” he says.


He wants to see that change, and he’s working to do just that by leading teams through his renovation and construction company Bakers-Builds—an enterprise dedicated to delivering a high level of craftsmanship at reasonable prices.


From Queenstown…

A skilled tennis player and builder, Wanganui-born David had been playing in Germany for three months when he met someone on the plane home who introduced him to Queenstown’s building industry.


“I took on a project management role there and later formed a partnership in a construction company,” says David. “One of our first projects was overseeing Queenstown’s new K Mart development. It’s the first time I’ve worked in commercial and it was tough, but it was a great learning curve.”


His partner didn’t take to the commercial side of things so David formed Bakers-Builds and Team Baker undertook a series of other projects including government houses in Wanaka.



…To Auckland

When he saw a gap in the building market in Auckland and the opportunity to get involved in tennis coaching again he made the move North and based himself in Auckland.




“I care about what we do and my vision for the long-term is of delivering consistent value,” he says. It’s a driving force that’s seen a steady increase in demand with Bakers-Builds now securing contracts for 300 government houses in Auckland, Wanaka, Hamilton, and Northland.


Affordable & Funky Renovations

High on David’s wishlist is the opportunity to get his teeth into is creating some ‘funky’ renovations. “I’m keen to help people add the wow factor to their properties,” he says. And – crucially for many of us – he wants to do this at an affordable price. “I want to be able to provide people with transparent costings,” he says. “Building is expensive in New Zealand. For example, in Australia, it costs $5 for a sheet of gib, in New Zealand that same sheet costs $28.”



Alternative Solutions

There are, he says, great looking alternatives to the standard gib and paint solution so many of us choose.


“As an option, I’m a fan of the effect of V Groove MDF panels and they’re a fraction of the cost,” says David. “We recently used this for a ceiling renovation in Queenstown which normally would have a material cost of $190 but we did it with V Groove for $54.


It’s not everyone’s aesthetic but when you use gib a lot of the process is subcontracted out so there will be a gib layer, a plasterer and a painter all charging for labour and materials. That’s why this choice can work out so much more cost effective.”



To Be The Best

David’s got big goals for Bakers-Builds and with enthusiastic teams of craftsmen behind him along with his twin brother Michael—a plumber and gasfitter—returning from London to join him, making his dream of founding a company that stands for excellence a reality.


bakersbuilds.nz  /  027 237 3486  /  barkers-builds@hotmail.com