Introducing ECP Therapy


ECP is a holistic therapy that boosts the oxygenation in our bodies and is proven to be an anti-ageing powerhouse, a cellulite fighter, a change maker for athletes and vitality seekers as well as those with heart conditions, dementia, diabetes and a plethora of other health concerns.


Coming To Australasia

“ECP was first designed at Harvard University in 1963,” says Luke Barwell, director of ECP Australasia. “I’ve always been passionate about wellness and sports which initially sparked my curiosity and interest in human anatomy. I was always striving to find ways of ensuring my body was working at its optimum for game day. So I obtained a degree in sports science, majoring in anatomy and physiology which fed this curiosity even more, and when my younger brother required open heart surgery due to a hereditary condition I decided I wasn’t going to go down the same route.”


When Luke first discovered ECP, he knew it was a game changer. His extensive research into its benefits led him to California to meet with the owner. After hearing first hand how many people ECP Therapy has helped, he qualified in the therapy and brought it back to New Zealand along with the distribution rights to Australasia.


What Does ECP Stand For?

External Counter Pulsation.


What Is ECP Therapy?

ECP boosts the delivery of oxygenated rich blood throughout the body—nourishing areas that may have deteriorated with age and time. ECP also facilitates the release of nitric oxide, which has an antioxidant and relaxing effect providing detoxification, de-stressing and anti-inflammatory benefits. 


The turbo-charged oxygen-rich blood flow delivers a noticeable improvement to the function of the heart, liver, kidneys, brain, eyes, muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin, boosting overall vitality and wellness plus it’s an amazing anti-ageing tool and it helps with cellulite in a big way.


How Does It Work?

During a treatment session, a person lays on a therapy bed and pressure cuffs are wrapped around calves, thighs, and buttocks. The cuffs inflate and deflate compressing the muscles to the rhythm of the heartbeat. It’s an unusual feeling at first.


Luke starts the compression strength low before turning it up to 3.5psi (maximum is eight). It feels like a workout and is equivalent to a long run says Luke (though it doesn’t increase metabolism). 


Towards the end of the session, Luke turned the psi back down for a warm down period. The lower rate that had seemed hefty at first now feels subtle. 


Is It For Me?



Seriously, most people would almost certainly benefit from some ECP sessions.


ECP Therapy has over 300 peer-reviewed studies behind it, proving it be an effective treatment. It’s funded by the government in the US and is used in 47 countries globally for chronic illness, high-performance athletes and as a wellness and prevention tool.


“We have an 80 percent success rate,” says Luke. “For people with heart disease/angina, a course of treatment will be effective for them for four to five years, whereas a stent or bypass surgery lasts an average of three years.


“We also work with athletes. It’s helpful for improving cardiovascular performance and reduces recovery times. We’ve worked with the Warriors and various other athletes. Joseph Parker and the Breakers players are coming in shortly.”


How much Does ECP Cost?

An initial free assessment and consultation is free.


The Serious/Chronic Illness Programme: 35 treatments @ $3,150 +GST or a payment plan @ $250+GST per month.


The Wellness & Prevention programme: Five treatments a month for six months @ $250+GST per month.


Let’s Treat Wellness Not Illness

ECP was ahead of its time in 1963, but these days with much of the population waking up to the power of holistic healthcare it’s taking the world by storm.


“It’s about prevention and treating wellness rather than illness—being proactive, not reactive—that’s the key to staying healthy,” says Luke. 


Note: The European Society of Cardiology approved ECP technology and in 2013 upgraded its recommendation, stating that the treatment should be offered to individuals in who heart bypass surgery or stents are not possible or appropriate.


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