It’s Not You… It’s Us | Box™

When Chris Upton and Amanda Mason came to Box™ with the idea to build a home away from home on a neglected hillside section in Waiheke, they didn’t bargain on a tropical cyclone to hit in the middle the earthworks; nor a fire in their restaurant which put them at a financial crossroads.

Neither did Box™. But we reacted the only way we knew how: with consideration and flexibility. Having been honest with the couple from the outset (we said that this was no easy build), the project was put on hold for eight months while the owners regrouped.


It may have stretched the process from concept to key-in-the-door to over three years, but the end goal — a split-level home with decking that looked out over the treetops — was always the golden chalice.


It’s the same for every client. With teamwork, we manage the curveballs that will inevitably be thrown at us, so that together we reach the plate safely. Here’s how:


People not Product

Box™ has designed and built some of the best modernist-style houses in New Zealand for over a decade, but a core part of our success involves neither sticks nor bricks. It is anchored in building relationships. We’re not going to lie, it can get pretty intense. That’s because we have to develop a trusting, close rapport rather quickly.  When you’re handing over your dreams and, let’s face it, a substantial amount of money, it’s important to establish a solid foundation of trust. That’s why we take the time upfront to get to know you, and let you meet and get to know our team. 


Making it Personal

Yes, our designs are great which is why you probably came to us in the first place, but in every meeting we know the rules: the client is the most important person in the room. If an idea we are suggesting is not good for YOU, it’s not good for the project and it’ll end up on the draughting-room floor. Even though we have a kitset of parts and a wealth of experience to draw on, we don’t do cookie-cutter design. We like to make it personal.


The Flex Factor…

Some of our clients like to gallop towards the starting gate and across the finish line. Others prefer to take things at a leisurely pace while they get their thoughts (and sometimes their finances) in a row. After 10 years crafting unique homes for unique clients, we know the deal and can flex to your factors.


And Sometimes Not

Believe it or not, there are times when we might dig our heels in. While moulding our designs to your requirements is at the top of the priority list, if we think you are making a mistake, perhaps spending on floor space that is unnecessary or trying to economise on a feature that, in the long run, will make your home less expensive to run, we’ll say so. In the nicest possible way, of course.


The end is in Sight

When things go wrong, we are accountable and will do what it takes to achieve our final goal – a home that you love. Along the way, we hope you enjoy the process and that the team you work with at Box™ becomes not only people you rely on and respect, but also really rather like!


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