JI Home Store Ponsonby’s New Gem

Ponsonby is well-known as a hub for superb stores so it’s with great excitement that we welcome JI Home Store, the new addition to the interior design scene, , stocking Halo Established 1976 and Artwood.


Before entering the doors of JI Home the twinkle of exquisite crystal lighting catches the eye through the window and crossing the threshold takes one into a spacious (400 square metre) haven of quality, comfort and—it has to be said—simply divine furnishings, lighting, flooring and accessories.


A warm welcome from Elly and Anna is quickly forthcoming—no airs and graces among the splendour here – making me immediately feel at home. “That’s what we want,” says Tracey Johnston who founded Johnston Imports with her husband Matthew back in 2003. “Elly, Anna, Matt and I want people to feel at ease, to use the space, have a coffee by the fire, take a seat and enjoy the space as they ponder their home furnishings wants and needs.”


Elly and Anna will be running the Auckland showroom and all hands have been on deck for the grand opening, Tracey has overseen a lot of the tasteful styling. “Tracey has a great eye,” says Anna. “Instead of just a sofa she’ll create a chic area.”


The core lines at JI Home are Halo Established 1976 and Artwood, which together cover all four seasons with indoor and outdoor living. Peppered among the furniture pieces are accessories such as antique lanterns, wooden planter boxes, leather luggage and exquisite (locally) handmade statement candles encapsulated in oversized glassware. Collectively it creates a super-stylish home-y feel.

Halo Established 1976 hails from the UK and uses traditional techniques and the finest materials to develop JI Home’s distinctive designs in-house. Creative Director and founder Timouthy Oulton pushes the boundaries to create a balance between traditional and modern living. He’s inspired by a childhood immersed in his fathers antique business, a man from whom he inherited an eye for beauty and detail. Each Halo piece is made by hand, using time-honoured methods and simple tools. Tim combines labour intensive, tried and tested techniques with pure natural materials including leather, moleskin, linen, metal, timber and stone, which sit seamlessly alongside the sparkling crystal lighting. “Halo’s traditional techniques mean detailing will be hand punched or moulded in a workshop environment rather than a factory,” says Tracey. Halo has an exciting new collection just released this season—upcycled denim. Notably, the upcycled denim in pure white or blue is bound to be a firm favourite with the ability to whip it off and throw it in the washing machine—what can be better than that?


Then there’s Artwood, with designs from Sweden. Founded in 1969, Artwood is a family business inspired by long journeys to the East and the exotic materials sourced there, which form the basis of Artwood’s design. “It’s American East Coast mixed with the pulse of the city and rural life or a house by the sea,” says Tracey. “We call it Artwoodstyle.” The range lends a natural ambience formed by durable and beautiful rattan and teak. Artwood offers an amazing outdoor weave collection which is an absolute standout by for outdoor living and dining.


Underpinning JI Home Store is the understanding that a home should be a space to relax, enjoy and socialise in comfort, which they do by mixing and matching their glorious wares to suit your unique style.

36 Pollen St, Ponsonby / 09 930 6268