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Melissa Carr in her studio.

Leading the way in Non-surgical Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo Enhancements

Cosmetic and medical tattooing has become one of the most sought out services. One of only a few in New Zealand that is highly trained and qualified across a wide range of cosmetic and medical tattoo services is Melissa Carr of Melissa Carr Cosmetic Tattooing. A well-regarded operator and respected professional within the field.



Melissa is skilled in providing ‘undetectable’ results in procedures such as feathered brows, eyeliner and lip tattooing, Scalp micropigmentation and nipple and areola re-pigmentation after breast reconstruction from cancer treatments. Not all are as in touch with the reality of the change they can have on someone nor as talented as Melissa, the results are clear in her before and after pics and glowing client testimonials.



What’s current? Melissa say’s, “Without a doubt, scalp micropigmentation is the fastest-growing solution for male hair loss in recent history, it’s non-invasive, non-surgical, has universal appeal and is permanent.” A further point is that it remains the only permanent hair loss fix to offer instantaneous, guaranteed results.


Feathered Brows.


Brows, brow brows! Brows perfectly designed and placed with perfectly matched colour changes a face. It lifts and opens the face, your eye colour pops with intensity and, BOOM, a few years just vanish, simply by perfectly designed tattooed eyebrows. Melissa practises a technique that comes naturally to her with many years’ experience and the very best training.



Beauty and Wellness Benefits: All cosmetic and medical tattoo procedures are non surgical, there is no downtime, no time off work needed and no hiding away from people.



Advantageous for those wanting to opt for a non-surgical, risk free and a more natural approach to addressing life’s challenges and changes. Cosmetic tattooing is not limited to just brows eyes and lips, it is so much more. Melissa is very passionate about medical tattooing and is trained to tattoo not only scalp micropigmentation but also areola and nipples re-pigmentation for women who have had breast reconstruction after surgery and is humbled by the difference this makes to the self-esteem and psyche of recipients — a very fulfilling part of what Melissa does. An example of how surgical and non-surgical services can work together.



Beauty Enhanced: Beauty doesn’t stop at brows. A perfect eyeliner either wedged, winged or natural all enhance the eye, giving the appearance of thicker fuller lashes and a more open eye.


Tattooed Eyeliner, Stage 3 Micropigmentation.


Additionally, lips that no longer sustain their lip contour can be re-pigmented with Melissa’s meticulous skill and art, thus appearing defined and with a more youthful look.



Experience, Skill & Care: Melissa has earned quite a reputation with micro-pigmentation treatments such as feathered brows, ombré brows, eyeliner and lip tattooing or for those just wanting to correct nature’s imbalances and desire perfectly balanced brows, eyes or lips. Her services are an essential part of some people’s lives, especially for those who are particularly active and want to maintain lasting makeup, maybe sight impaired or having medical conditions such as hand tremors through to more specialised services for alopecia sufferers, male pattern baldness or after cancer treatments.



Melissa takes the time required to deliver the best service to each individual client, her focus is genuinely honed, meticulously considered and totally unique to each individual, and her work is based entirely on her client’s personal requirements.



Invitation: Melissa invites you to view the many examples of her work and to read more about these treatments by visiting her website or call 021 187 2661 to book a no obligation consultation with her.


Melissa Carr Cosmetic Tattooing
81 Commercial Road, Helensville