Let’s Eat Out at Platform 8 Restaurant With Dennis and Rosamund Knill

The Heritage Grand Central Railway Station is an unlikely venue to find some of the city’s best local produce where restaurateurs Dominic and Kitty are living up to the challenge flexing their culinary muscles.


Hidden inside the lobby of this magnificent piece of classic architecture of high ceilings, towering granite pillars and marble floors is one of the neighbourhood’s newest eateries. If it’s lunch or dinner be prepared to be teased with a menu that is designed to share with simple food that is contemporary and full of pure flavours.

Comfortably seated the surprises come with their hard to resist salads: Caesar ($14), heirloom caprese ($15), grilled cauliflower ($18) and fish kokoda ($20). Moving on is an interesting selection of savoury dishes, beef brisket ($14), garlic prawns ($15), lamb croquettes ($15), meatballs  ($15), chicken skewers ($16), grilled pork belly ($18), buffalo wings ($18), BBQ pork ribs ($24), cheese quesadilla ($18) and fish risotto ($26). Desserts include kumara and pumpkin Peruvian doughnuts ($9), cream caramel flan ($9) and cheeses ($14). And if a quiet drink at the bar is all that you require there’s small list of tantalising snacks ($9 to $14) with bottled and tap beers to help while away the hours.


We opted for meatballs, chicken skewers and lamb croquettes rounded off with fish risotto. The meatballs  lifted with chipotle roast garlic sofrito sauce were skilfully cooked as the chicken skewers spiced with smoky romesco sauce and grilled asparagus. Equally enduring were lamb croquettes served with minted pea pesto and fish risotto with mushrooms and truffle oil. The pan fried terakihi was so fresh it was jumping off the plate.     


The wine list is mainly from one winery so it has a way to go to do true justice to the wonderful food.    


And the verdict? What a difference good staff make with free-thinking service making dining here satisfying. And for the price you get great food without sacrificing the credit card, a small detail but one that makes all the difference. In a city that hasn’t been kind to new start-ups hopefully this one will be a survivor.

Menu:  7.5  |  Cuisine: 8.5  |  Wine List: 6  |  Service: 8   |   Décor: 6.5   |  Value for Money: 8


Platform 8 Restaurant and Bar: 26 Te Taou Crescent, City  /  09 972 1848  /  platform8.co.nz