Light Works | Lightworx Gallery

Light is one of the fundamental constants of nature. Light is the aether. Light is life. When mixed with art, light becomes a force to be reckoned with. Shape, light and colour are a potent combination, with the ability to penetrate us mere mortals and create a profound reaction.

Here in Auckland we have many public light artworks and events to enjoy, Michael Parekowhai’s ‘Lighthouse’, The Lantern Festival, The Sky Tower’s ever changing colour to name a few. But, what do we have at home? Every night we use light to illuminate our activities, but how often are we using it to enhance our wellbeing? Some of us may be avid art collectors already, but how many of us are collecting works of light?


Thankfully there is a new gallery set in the heart of our bustling Viaduct that specialises only in light art. Lightworx Gallery is a national first, featuring contemporary light-works that inspire, engage, and have a mesmerising effect on all who view them.


The gallery represents a hand-picked collection of high profile artists. Internationally renowned Max Patté, is of particular repute with the Hollywood set. An associate elect of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, Patté lives and works in Wellington refining sculpturally hypnotic light works that explore the qualities of liminal space between light and colour.

Tim Christie – another artist of international regard, interweaves canvas and stretches it over illuminated colour boxes to create an intriguing juxtaposition of materials, from which emerges sentient portraits.


Auckland artist Trish Campbell, also from the stable, creates extremely desirable coloured light columns that elegantly lean against walls, radiating colour like minimalist angles. Patté, Christie and Campbell are currently on display in the Customs Street West space. They represent a new genre in fine art, working with the highest quality light technology. Lightworx provides these artists with a space to evolve and innovate.



“The positive relationship of light and colour cultivate a meditative state. These artworks are pivotal in uplifting your mood, your feelings, and your home,” says Pauline Bianchi, Lightworx Gallery director. Bianchi is an avid art collector herself, and sees collecting art as a way to express your unique personality “within the tapestry of form, genre and medium, that art provides. When an artwork captures you, it’s the start of a lifelong relationship.”


Bianchi has been actively involved in New Zealand’s art industry for over 17 years. As owner and director of the Queenstown based Artbay Gallery Group, Lightworx Gallery is her first Auckland venture. Of the new location, Campbell says, “The Viaduct, with its nightlife, the excitement and high energy, it’s the perfect spot for the gallery.” After enjoying an evening in the Viaduct, an artwork from Lightworks Gallery serves to cement the memory.


With more artists set to join the lineup, as the gallery grows there is a lot to look forward to: large scale installations, experiential artworks that play with geometrics, light, shadow and perception, all in all making Lightworx Gallery well worth keeping an eye on.

Visit for a view of what’s currently on display, or better yet, take a stroll along Auckland’s viaduct to 110 Customs Street West, during that magical time of the day of 5pm-9pm, when nature plays its own light show with the transition from day to night. Open daily from 11:30am–9:30pm. You will not be disappointed.