Helena Marie Tarot
Helena Marie Tarot

Looking To Transform Your Life For The Better?

Many people are recreating their life right now and seeking confidence to decide what changes to make.


Spiritual health can be part of that transformative shift after some deep soul searching.


The single biggest problem towards empowerment is FEAR.


Many people FAIL to overcome life obstacles because they are afraid to confront themselves, and who they truly are, especially if they don’t like what they see in the mirror.


The tarot helps people to look honestly at who they are and what they are putting out into the universe — thoughts, behaviours, and opinions — and whether it is impacting positively or negatively.


For example, if you are carrying anger, then that anger will manifest in your life negatively. We reap what we sow. Often customers faced with challenge will receive tarot cards that embody conflict such as the seven of wands, the tower, or five of swords.

Tarot Tower

Recently, I talked to a stranger who asked me how we help people. I explained that we specialise in spiritual health, healing, change and transformation using the tarot and reiki through coaching and advice.


I said that if we can count the number of times we experience conflict in a week we are doing something wrong. He admitted he had never thought of that because in his culture conflict is how they solve problems sometimes.


I explained that external conflict often means we are at conflict within ourselves. Sometimes we need to reconcile something painful within ourselves to gain peace, harmony and balance.


We attract what we put out into the universe. Maybe it’s time to seriously consider how to better transform your life.

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