Photo left-right: Lee Smyth, Sally Brasell, Kirsty Wairepo, Jemma Vinsen, Kristin Edgeworth.

Manage Your Travels with 360°Edge

Kristin Edgeworth always knew that she wanted to help other people have unbelievable travel adventures. Nowadays, she and her team of five offer a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to booking travel. Verve chats to Kristin about exciting new developments in her travel agency business.


What is the story behind your new 360°edge branding (formally Kristin Edgeworth Travel)?

Now that there are five of us working together, I wanted to move the focus away from me, to a brand that encompasses us all. We cover 360 degrees of the world, we’re on the cutting edge of travel and are cruise experts. We know the globe, so we wanted branding that captured that. We’re incredibly proud of our new look, which we feel marries the essence of what we have always been, with a fresh new brand and feel that is a better representation of the business’s growth, and where we see our future direction.


Any specialities?

Cruising is such a great way to travel—you only unpack once, yet see a variety of destinations along the way. Different ships offer different styles of cruising, and with so much happening on board you can do as much or as little as you like. Finding the right ship and the right itinerary is most important, and with our vast understanding of the cruise market, this is where we can assist our clients to ensure their travel investment is right for them.


And your point of difference…

We offer a level of service and independent advice that other agents simply can’t offer. With in-depth product knowledge and our top-quality service, it’s in our interest to ensure clients get what is right for them, and not just pigeonhole them into a standard package. We look for unique and/or authentic experiences to ensure their holiday is the best it can be!


How best to get hold of you or your team?

Phone us! Travel is a huge investment and by discussing your travel requirements, we can learn more about you, to ensure that your holiday is tailor made to suit you.


Top tips for when looking for a new travel agent?

When choosing an agent you want someone who isn’t restrained by preferred agreements or selling products their head office or chain dictate. You want someone who is truly interested in your travel dreams and turning them into reality. We try to find unique experiences for our clients that work with their budget, and with our expert service and attention to detail, we ensure your travel experience is the best it can be!


Why is it better to work with a travel agent like yourselves, as opposed to searching out options online?

We know the best way to put your travel arrangements together. Connection times at major airports are a trap for the unwary. When booking online, you might think that 90 minutes is plenty of time to connect in Los Angeles, however we know it’s not enough. Hotels are another pitfall. The website may make the hotel look lovely, but how could you know that there’s a major pub downstairs that blasts music until three in the morning, or it’s on a major intersection?


Quick Fire Questions

Favourite city destination?

Vancouver for the Granville markets, Stanley Park, shopping and scenery. Barcelona for the amazing atmosphere, shopping, art and history. Hoi An for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tailors and delicious gastronomy.


Favourite island destinations?

Hawaii as it is a world class shopping destination, has fabulous restaurants and activities galore! The Antarctic is so vast, the wildlife incredible! Maldives is great for snorkelling and to get away from it all!


Best accommodation experiences ever?

Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville: a former palace of King Alfonso XIII. Cruising the historic Rhine and Moselle rivers with Tauck onboard the MS Grace. Cruising with the likes of Silversea, seeing a variety of destinations on a small ship and then retreating to your gorgeous room for the night while you float to the next location – ideal!


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