ReLeathered Sideboard 2018 Handmade in New Zealand by Sam James Furniture and Powersurge. Materials: used black leather belts, rimu, blackened steel and polished brass.

MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2019 | LyZadie Design Studio

LyZadie Design Studio received the most surreal, stunning and overwhelming news at the beginning of this year. It read: “Hi! I’m Gloria. We’re organising the Lambrate Design District during the Milan Design Week! I like your products a lot and we’d like you to exhibit in April 2019!”


Studio founder Lyzadie Renault admits to believing it a joke at first. “I was on holiday with my family so wasn’t sure what to do with that invite to be fair,” she says. “I just froze in time for a week I think, not able to decide on anything. It was so exciting that they knew we existed, but also terrifying, the scale of where this is going. I was quite emotional for at least two weeks and I still have moments now of excitement, being overwhelmed and scared!”


The studio launched their first collection, Flow, less than a year ago and have been working on exposure for the products and the brand in the last year in New Zealand.


“This really took me by surprise. I mean, we are talking about Milan Design Week—the biggest design fair in the world and they want us to exhibit our New Zealand products!”


LyZadie Design Studio accepted the amazing offer and is now preparing for the incredible event. Come 6 April, the team will be in Milan, Italy, setting up their stand, connecting with awesome people and showing our collections to Europe and the world.


“I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. Words cannot explain how touched we are by this invitation and what it represents to us.”    021 400 233